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New Year Greetings 2022 | Md Yousup Faruqe | Hello 22

Md Yousup Faruqe, Managing Director, Microsoft Bangladesh-theincap
Md Yousup Faruqe, Managing Director-Microsoft Bangladesh

Looking back at 2021!

A new year offers the ideal opportunity to celebrate new beginnings with loved ones. The turn of the calendar is a perfect time to reflect on how we grew the previous year and plan goals accordingly for the time ahead. 

The past almost two years has been incredibly challenging for humankind. When the COVID-19 pandemic spread rapidly in 2020, businesses had to respond and adapt quickly. Staying afloat amid this crisis required innovation and new approaches. Businesses implemented massive organizational changes in very little time to stay afloat. Companies shifted to full-scale remote work plans and quick delivery modules.

The business landscape will definitely look much different in the near future. Businesses that meet the changes with an innovative mindset will have the best chance of prospering. As technology becomes part of almost every aspect of our lives, the world will transform at a great length. All companies will be required to adopt the latest technology and build their very own dedicated digital technology. AI, with IoT sensors and the data they can process, there is a huge potential of radically changing the manufacturing industry. 

It is during these moments that Microsoft’s mission and corporate purpose as a company make me proud. Our mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. We believe that New digital technologies are key – not only for managing current challenges and working toward eventual recovery but as tools to re-imagine the future. The ecosystem of customers and partners we have built has made continuous efforts to help people and organizations and inspired them to be more resilient. All of this has enabled us to deliver strong results even in times of a global crisis!            

Microsoft also focuses on the country’s growing digital transformation and cloud adoption, contributing to the dream of ‘Digital Bangladesh.’ As a company, we look forward to transforming Bangladesh and its industries with the support of our partners and the community to reach new heights as a digital nation. 

There is no doubt that during the past year we have seen the acceleration of digital transformation efforts across all industries. We are in a region which now accounts for sixty percent of the world’s growth and is leading the global recovery with the digitalization of business models and economies. Cloud will continue to be a core foundation enabling co-innovation across industries, government and community, to drive inclusive societal progress.

Entering the new year, we must become more resilient, hardworking, and ready to accept change. Every end marks a new beginning. With courage, faith, and great effort, we will be able to face challenges and succeed this year.

I wish you all Happy New Year! 

Md Yousup Faruqe
Managing Director
Microsoft Bangladesh

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