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New Year Greetings 2022 | Shwapna Bhowmick | Hello 22

Shwapna Bhowmick - The InCAP

When I was a child, I didn’t know what to expect and what to be, even when I grew up. But one thing was clear that I won’t change. Whatever I do in life, and I will be the best.

I had a wonderful time living in a government colony with my family. My father and I loved gardening. We used to plant flowers on one side and vegetables on the other side. We used to study in groups. I used to go to the market next to the colony every day with my father. Since then, I have developed the habit of socializing. 

My career has started with the garment industry with the Renaissance Group. Indeed, it was a very challenging time. We had to go to the factory four days a week. I found pleasure in producing cloth from yarn, then in the making of garments, in the machinery, and in talking to the workers. In all, I worked 18-19 hours with no hard feelings because I love my work!

Who doesn’t have an interest in working with big brands? I have! So, I joined as a merchandiser in Walmart. Later I joined M&S precisely at the start of this company. Only three or four people worked there at that time. But I took the challenge because while talking to M&S officials on the first day, I realized they have big plans for Bangladesh. Their goals and thoughts were unique. So, there are many opportunities to work there. Apart from that, a world-famous brand is trying to start anew in Bangladesh which gave me much inspiration. My dream was how to establish the brand in Bangladesh. 

As a country manager, I looked at making value-added garments. The thought of making Bangladesh a destination for the whole world revolved more and more. At that time our suppliers used to make cheap clothes in large quantities. All eyes were on him. Gradually I tried to change their mindset. M&S is quite sensitive about product quality. That is why the journey was arduous. At present, almost all types of clothing, from socks to blazers, are ready for M&S. 

Currently, 55 percent of the ready-made garments for the brand are supplied by local textile mills. Apart from that, most of the M&S denim is going from Bangladesh. And speaking of clothes, most of the clothes of M&S are made in Bangladesh factories.

Along with that, by thinking of women workers, we have improved the working environment in the supplier organization, and women have taken initiatives to ensure leadership. At present, M&S has 150 women supervisors and other leading positions in the garment industry. When there is a balance of men and women in the leadership, solving those problems becomes much more manageable.

I have learned to stumble every moment. I never thought of any work as small. But, all the time, I have tried to do my job correctly. It is possible because of the love of work. I have tried my best to make Bangladesh’s garment business sustainable. Day after day, I love to run after the factory to produce new products. Of course, everyone on my team worked hard with me for this. Hence, the outcome is that M&S has grown its business in Bangladesh now, and Bangladesh is benefiting more from this.

I wish InCAP and its team great success. I love their efforts. For the readers, let’s start with a new hope. Find opportunities to work with people, work hard, and smartly. Get connected with technology. Success will catch you one day! Happy New Year, 2022!

Shwapna Bhowmick
Country Head
Marks & Spencer


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