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New Year Greetings 2024 | Waste Worker-Power Wheel | Hello 24

“Sunamganj Artisan Kulsum Resiliently Crafts Hope Amidst Economic Challenges in Dhaka: A Carpenter’s Aspirations for a Harmonious 2024”

My name is Kulsum, and I hail from the quaint town of Sunamganj. For the past decade, I’ve been immersed in the artistry of carpentry, honing my skills and crafting pieces that once brought me joy. However, the tapestry of my life has been woven with threads of both triumph and tribulation, and the year 2023 brought about a stark shift in the harmony of my existence.

Dhaka, where I ply my trade, has been witness to my craftsmanship for a decade. I take pride in my work, but the rising tide of prices in 2023 cast a shadow over the once vibrant hues of my livelihood. The materials I work with, the tools I wield, all became more expensive, and the equilibrium that once defined my profession began to crumble. The ebb and flow of prosperity and hardship became erratic, and the dichotomy of good and bad seemed to blur into a disconcerting grayscale.

Yet, as the clock ticks towards the dawn of 2024, I find myself donning my carpenter’s hat once again. Duty calls, and the new year brings with it a sense of hope—an optimism that whispers of better days ahead. As I step into my workshop, I can’t help but yearn for a change in the winds. If the prices could relent, if the burden on the common worker could lighten, then perhaps the symphony of life could regain its melody.

In this new year, I carry the aspirations not just for myself but for all those whose hands shape the world through labor. A collective wish echoes in my heart—a desire for a year where the pendulum swings towards happiness and prosperity for everyone. As I hammer away at the tasks that lie before me, I send out my heartfelt wishes for a Happy New Year to one and all. May the days ahead be adorned with the restoration of balance, where the scales tip in favor of joy, and the hues of life regain their vibrancy.


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