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Professional Icon: Rezoana Nahid

Professional Icon: Rezoana Nahid

Rezoana Nahid
Manager, Marketing & Corporate Affairs
United Certification Services Limited (UNICERT)

Ms. Rezoana Nahid is a seasoned marketing professional with a diverse background encompassing education and extensive experience in multinational companies. Currently serving as the Manager of Marketing and Corporate Affairs at United Certification Services Limited (UNICERT), Ms. Rezoana is dedicated to promoting trust, quality, and excellence in the certification industry through innovative marketing strategies and a commitment to ethical practices. Her career journey has been marked by a remarkable blend of resilience and unwavering determination, having successfully navigated personal challenges as a cancer survivor, which further fuels her passion for making meaningful contributions in the corporate world.

Let’s learn about her journey.

The InCAP: Ms. Rezoana Nahid, please share your professional and academic peregrination for our readers!

Ms. Rezoana Nahid: My professional path has encompassed a rich blend of education and marketing experiences. Armed with a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in English literature, I initially ventured into the field of education as a teacher. Transitioning into the dynamic realm of marketing, I’ve had the privilege of contributing significantly to the endeavors of several multinational companies. Presently, I am proud to serve as the Manager of Marketing & Corporate Affairs at United Certification Services Limited (UNICERT).

Can you please provide an overview of your role as Manager of Marketing & Corporate Affairs at UNICERT?

In my role as the Manager of Marketing & Corporate Affairs at UNICERT BD, I oversee a dynamic team responsible for strategic planning and implementation of comprehensive marketing initiatives that transcend traditional boundaries. This involves developing and executing a range of strategic activities, including crafting compelling branding strategies, ensuring alignment with our core values, and fostering vital corporate relationships. My primary focus revolves around promoting trust, quality, and excellence in the certification industry through innovative marketing techniques and strategic collaborations, all of which contribute significantly to our organization’s continued success.

At the heart of my responsibilities lies the crucial task of harmonizing our branding and marketing strategies with the values and mission of our company. This alignment goes beyond mere branding; it reflects our unwavering commitment to ethical and credible practices within the certification industry. Overseeing the entire lifecycle of our strategic planning, my aim is not only to promote our services but also to manifest our dedication to fostering trust, quality, and excellence in every facet of our operations.

In summary, my role at UNICERT BD involves orchestrating a harmonious synergy between branding, marketing innovation, and industry regulations. I am deeply committed to promoting our brand’s values and mission, all while nurturing essential corporate relationships that form the bedrock of our commitment to excellence and trust in the certification sector.

What led you to pursue a career in marketing and corporate affairs within the certification industry?

Driven by a fascination with the transformative influence of effective communication and strategic branding, I found myself naturally drawn to the dynamic landscape of the certification industry. This sector presented a unique opportunity for me to blend my profound passion for marketing with a dedicated commitment to fostering credibility and ensuring quality assurance.

My journey into the certification industry was motivated by my desire to leverage my marketing expertise to assist organizations in achieving enhanced quality and compliance through the comprehensive services offered by UNICERT. With my 20 years of experience as a seasoned sales professional, I viewed this transition as a valuable opportunity to refine my skills and contribute to the advancement of international standardization. Working within UNICERT’s domain of ISO certification, consultancy, training, and testing has further sharpened my abilities, enabling me to make meaningful contributions to the field.

Ms. Rezoana, How do you balance the need for marketing innovation with the regulatory requirements in your industry?

Balancing innovation with regulatory requirements is crucial. We ensure our marketing strategies comply with industry standards while seeking innovative ways to engage our audience. Staying current with regulations and using creative approaches allows us to strike this balance effectively.

In your role, how do you handle crisis communication and reputation management for UNICERT?

As UNICERT is the First Private Accredited Certification body in Bangladesh by BAB, we meticulously ensure that our marketing strategies not only comply with the stringent regulatory framework but also resonate with creative engagement techniques. Adhering to the current compliance standards is paramount, considering the significance of maintaining the highest industry benchmarks. We consistently stay updated with evolving regulations and harness inventive methodologies to strike a harmonious equilibrium between innovation and adherence to industry norms.

In managing crisis communication and upholding our brand reputation, transparency and swift, proactive responses remain our guiding principles. We prioritize fostering trust among our stakeholders through open communication and demonstrate a steadfast commitment to addressing any concerns swiftly and effectively. Our crisis management strategy revolves around prompt action, clear and honest communication, and a dedicated focus on resolving any issues to reinforce confidence in our brand.

How have you managed to navigate your corporate journey while dealing with the challenges of being a cancer survivor?

Navigating my corporate journey as a cancer survivor has been a profound experience. I’ve drawn strength from my resilient spirit and unwavering determination, firmly believing in confronting life’s challenges with courage. Each day, I view as a precious opportunity for personal growth and making meaningful contributions.

Recalling the trials of chemotherapy and various treatments, my journey has been sustained by my unyielding willpower and the blessings of the Almighty. I’ve consistently pushed myself to redouble my efforts and offer substantial contributions, not merely surviving but thriving in the competitive corporate landscape. For me, every moment represents an embrace of life’s intricate tapestry, a canvas on which I paint my experiences to inspire others toward unwavering perseverance and steadfast dedication in all their endeavors.

In essence, my journey as a cancer survivor has instilled in me a profound appreciation for life’s resilience and the power of unwavering determination. It’s about embracing each moment and utilizing my experiences to inspire perseverance and dedication in all that I do, thus transforming adversity into a source of strength and motivation.

Ms. Rezoana Nahid, please say something to the readers!

Always remember that within every challenge, there lies an opportunity for growth. Regardless of the sector you serve, unwavering commitment and a deep understanding of your customers’ pain points are essential. By resolving their issues and alleviating their concerns, you can consistently add value to every facet of your life.

I encourage each of you to embrace challenges as stepping stones to progress, maintaining a persistent pursuit of excellence. Above all, prioritize integrity and empathy in all your endeavors, as it is your unwavering support and trust that propels us to excel in everything we do.

Quick Chat With Ms. Rezoana Nahid

The most outstanding achievement of your life as of now:
Overcoming cancer and thriving personally and professionally.

The greatest philosopher in your view:  
Aristotle, for his wisdom and ethical insights.

Name the most influential books you have read:
“The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne has been a constant source of positivity in my life, reinforcing my firm belief in the power of the law of attraction. This remarkable book serves as a potent reminder that our thoughts and beliefs have the potential to shape our reality. It beautifully emphasizes how the universe responds to our convictions, underlining the profound impact of positive thinking in our lives.

Your greatest fear:
The prospect of not being able to make a meaningful impact and positively influence the lives of those around me is a fear that continually drives me to strive for excellence.

Best piece of advice you’ve received:
“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi.

You in only three words:  
Resilient, Empathetic, Committed.

The InCAP: Thank you, Ms. Rezoana Nahid! It’s a glittering conversation with you!

Ms. Rezoana Nahid: My pleasure! Wish you all the best! Thank you.

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