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Sadman Masood
Marketing Manager

Sadman Masood is the dynamic Marketing Manager at Wagely. With a passion for innovation and a flair for crafting compelling narratives, Mr. Sadman is the driving force behind Wagely’s marketing initiatives. His strategic prowess and creative vision have propelled the company to new heights, making him an indispensable part of the team. Get ready to embark on a journey of marketing excellence under Sadman’s expert guidance at Wagely.

Let’s learn about his journey.

The InCAP: Can you please describe your experience and background in marketing, especially in the context of fintech services like wagely?

Mr. Sadman Masood: When I dove headfirst into the world of financial services, it was like discovering a treasure map to excitement. There’s an irresistible thrill in turning the complex world of fintech’s into an engaging story that everyone wants to be a part of.

Imagine being a part of a team that doesn’t just market products, but rather, plays a role in shaping someone’s financial destiny. From crafting campaigns that unravel basic financial knowledge to conducting workshops, every move is a step towards empowering people to make informed financial choices.

In my marketing experience, I’ve worked on everything from enticing narratives that transform financial jargon into relatable tales to conjuring campaigns that shine a spotlight on the human side of money management. So, to sum it up, my marketing career till now has been a thrilling adventure. It’s about making connections, simplifying the intricate, and weaving narratives that inspire company growth. As I stepped into the shoes of the marketing manager at Wagely, I’m excited to infuse every campaign, every message, and every interaction with the magic that can truly transform how people perceive and approach their financial horizons.

wagely is in a competitive industry. How do you plan to differentiate our services and create a unique market position?

At wagely, we’re all about providing the best service to our customers and creating a market position that’s distinctive. It’s about understanding our customers on a personal level. wagely’s not just a company – we’re a community. We’re passionate about creating connections and building relationships that go beyond transactions. Our customer service isn’t just about solving issues; it’s about making people feel heard and valued.

In a world where trust is everything, we’re committed to being open and transparent with our customers. No hidden fees, no confusing fine print. Just clear communication and honesty, so our customers know they can rely on us.

So, while the industry might be competitive, we’re not here to just blend in. We’re here to shake things up, deliver exceptional value, and create a market position that’s uniquely wagely.

What marketing strategies have you implemented in the past that have been particularly successful, and how do you plan to apply them to wagely’s business model?

I’ve had some marketing strategies in my playbook that have worked like magic in the past. I’ve found that campaigns, content marketing, and thought leadership have been powerful tools. Applying these strategies to wagely’s model could help establish us as not just a service provider, but a go-to source of expertise.

An underrated gem is storytelling. Everyone loves a good story, and businesses are no exception. Sharing the stories of our customers – how wagely has positively impacted their lives creates an immersive story. Next comes campaigns, which are the heartbeat of wagely’s approach to engaging our customers in a way that’s not just informative, but downright fun and interactive. We use social media exactly as it should be used, as the power tool of this era. wagely doesn’t just post content; we believe in starting conversations and creating interactive content.

As for adapting these strategies to wagely’s business model, it’s about understanding our unique strengths. We identified what strategies resonate with our financial empowerment mission and crafted compelling stories that showcase how wagely’s services have transformed financial realities.

In a nutshell, the strategies that have worked before will serve as our creative fuel, tailored to wagely’s mission and the needs of our Bangladeshi customers. It’s about weaving our brand into the fabric of people’s lives and making a real impact.

wagely has a diverse target audience, including both employers and employees. How do you plan to tailor marketing efforts to effectively reach and engage both segments?

As wagely has partners in various industries, wagely’s audience is multifaceted. For our partners, we understand that they’re on the lookout for solutions that make the lives of their employees easier and help their businesses’ lower migration while saving on business costs. And that translates directly to increased efficiency.

When it comes to engaging employees, we tap into their aspirations and pain points. We’re rolling out campaigns that celebrate financial empowerment – showing how wagely can help them achieve their personal and financial goals.

We constantly organize workshops where we share knowledge on financial well-being. We also arrange games for them to engage and have fun in their otherwise hectic life and also give them gifts.

Our marketing efforts shift seamlessly between addressing the needs of employers and the aspirations of employees, all while maintaining the core message of wagely’s value proposition. Because at the end of the day, it’s not just about selling a service; it’s about building a bridge that connects these two important pieces of the puzzle.

How do you stay updated with the latest trends and technologies in digital marketing, and how would you leverage them to drive growth for wagely?

I’m constantly reading industry blogs, attending webinars, and devouring the latest marketing books. By staying curious and hungry for knowledge, I can identify emerging trends and technologies even before they hit the mainstream.

I also keep a close eye on social media platforms and tech news. The digital landscape is often first disrupted by these channels, so they’re like my early-warning system for what’s about to make a splash. Networking is another powerful tool in my arsenal. I love connecting with other marketing professionals, both online and offline, to exchange insights and experiences. A synergy of data-driven decision-making and innovative strategies. If I spot a new trend that aligns with our target audience’s behaviors and preferences, I’d dive deep into the data to ensure it’s a fit.

In a nutshell, my approach is all about being a dedicated learner, an attentive observer, and an adaptive implementer.

wagely is expanding into new geographic markets. How would you approach marketing in these new regions, considering potential cultural and regulatory differences?

Currently wagely has no intention of expanding to other countries.

Data and analytics play a significant role in modern marketing. How do you use data to make informed marketing decisions and measure the success of marketing campaigns?

Data and analytics serve as the bedrock of our marketing endeavors, playing a pivotal role in both shaping our strategies and evaluating campaign outcomes. We rely on data-driven insights to guide our decisions and ensure we’re maximizing our efforts.

Our approach begins with meticulous data collection and tracking. We regularly conduct surveys that help us make decisions through customer feedback. For our app, in-app analytics tools provide deep insights into user interactions, enabling us to understand which features resonate most and which might need enhancement. We also leverage social media analytics tools to monitor engagement metrics, ensuring we’re aware of how our audience is responding to our content across platforms.

Segmentation and targeting are other areas where data proves invaluable. By delving into the data, we can effectively categorize our audience based on demographics, behaviors, and preferences. This segmentation enables us to craft highly personalized marketing campaigns that resonate with specific groups.

I am a huge fan of A/B testing. Through A/B testing, we experiment with various elements such as ad copy, visuals, CTAs, and campaign modality etc. This empirical approach ensures that every choice we make is grounded in tangible performance data.

In essence, data empowers us to make decisions that resonate with our audience while driving the most significant impact. It’s a continuous cycle of collecting, analyzing, and applying insights to shape strategies that deliver meaningful results in a rapidly evolving marketing landscape.

Can you share your approach to building and managing a marketing team? What qualities do you look for when hiring marketing professionals?

At our organization, we embrace a unique approach to building and managing a marketing team that aligns with our lean ethos. Rather than traditional hiring practices, we foster a collaborative environment where team members across various departments come together to contribute their skills and insights.

We believe in the power of upskilling our current employees, recognizing that our team members possess untapped potential. This not only enhances the skill set of our workforce but also strengthens the sense of unity and shared purpose.

Sustainability and corporate responsibility are becoming increasingly important to consumers. How would you incorporate these values into wagely’s marketing efforts?

We’re woven into the lives of middle and low-income blue-collar workers, a significant part of industries in Bangladesh. This is where our commitment to the “Social” component of ESG truly shines. Our initiatives resonate deeply, fostering an inclusive economy and enhancing the well-being of these hardworking individuals. Our journey begins with comprehensive financial literacy training sessions. Over 2500 employees have benefited from these sessions, gaining essential knowledge about financial literacy, budgeting, and savings.

We recognize that access to technology isn’t universal. To address this, we’ve introduced Smart Stations in factories – more than 15 locations – allowing workers without smartphones or digital familiarity to conveniently view their earned wages and even make withdrawals.

Empowering women isn’t just a slogan for us; it’s a tangible reality. With a 50:50 ratio of female and male workers in our user base, we’ve empowered nearly 100,000 female workers, fostering gender equality in the workplace.

As an earned-wage access platform, our mission extends beyond providing financial flexibility. We’re working to create a positive social impact, not just within workplaces, but in the lives of our customers.

Quick Chat With Sadman Masood

The most outstanding achievement of your life as of now:
Knowing that the product I’m marketing is creating waves.

The greatest philosopher in your view:

Your Icon:
David Ogilvy.

Name the most influential books you have read:
The Brand Gap –  Marty Neumeier.

Your greatest fear:
My greatest fear is the relentless march of time, reminding us of life’s impermanence.

Best piece of advice you’ve received:
Your job isn’t done until the job is done (Phil Knight’s manifesto for Nike from 1980)

You in only three words:
Quick learner, adaptive, persistent

Skill Set:

  • Hard Skills: Data Analysis, Copywriting, A/B Testing
  • Soft Skills: Communication, Problem-Solving, Emotional Intelligence, Time Management, Strategic Thinking

Prayer For The Human Civilization:
May the collective consciousness of humanity be guided by wisdom and empathy, may our endeavors be bound by harmony with nature, and may our progress be a testament to our compassion and shared aspirations. Grant us the strength to learn from our past, the courage to navigate the present, and the foresight to shape a future illuminated by justice, unity, and the pursuit of higher truths.

The InCAP: Thank you, Mr. Sadman! It’s a glittering conversation with you!

Mr. Sadman Masood: My pleasure! Wish you all the best! Thank you

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