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Salman Khan’s Clothing Brand Opened in Bangladesh

Salman Khan's Clothing Brand Opened in Bangladesh
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Salman Khan, Bollywood superstar’s clothing brand ‘Being Human’ has finally opened its first franchise outlet in Bangladesh. The outlet is located in Banani, Dhaka. It was founded in 2012; the brand has expanded fast, has more than 500 retail touch points, and has become a leading casualwear brand in India. Salman Khan’s brother and actor Sohail Khan and their nephew Ayaan Agnihotri will inaugurate the outlet in the presence of the clothing brand’s CEO, Sanjeev Rao. So, Salman Khan’s Clothing Brand Opened in Bangladesh.

The brand shared a video where Salman Khan announced the opening of the outlet in Dhaka. Salehin F Nahian, a co-owner of the franchisee and a director of the Sylhet Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said, “Being Human is not just a clothing brand. It has a humanitarian purpose, and we have brought the brand to Bangladesh to be a part of it.”

Being Human Clothing was founded to further the objective of Being Human, The Salman Khan Foundation, a charitable trust devoted to education and healthcare initiatives for the underserved population in India. Other co-owners are Rehan Rahman and Mohaimin Mostafa.

Sanjeev Rao said, “The way Bangladesh has grown, we, the retail fraternity, think that the people in the country have more buying power. So we think this is the right time to introduce the brand in the country.”

“The whole world manufactures their garments in Bangladesh. So why shouldn’t we retail it here? Why should the citizens of Bangladesh be deprived of good brands? This effort to open the Being Human outlet will be the beginning of many international brands entering the country,” he said.

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