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Russia To Suspend Military Operations Under Condition

Moscow has signaled a halt to Russia's military operations in Ukraine. Alexei Polishchuk, a senior Foreign Ministry official, said that the end of the...

Cause And Effects of Russia-Ukraine Crisis

The world is in conflict, and its intensity measures are visible. To a greater extent, there is the visibility of the current condition in...

Petrol And Diesel Prices in India Increased Terribly

In Delhi, the price of petrol is Rs 95.41 a litre, while diesel is Rs 86.67. According to the Indian Oil Corporation's website, petrol...

Russia Urged India To Invest in Its Oil And Gas Sector

Russia has asked India to increase its investments in the sanctioned country's oil and gas industry and develop Russian firms' sales networks in Asia's...

It Is Time To Break The Syndicate

Bangladeshis have grown accustomed to the whims and greed of dishonest traders and business people, particularly those dealing in food and other consumer goods....

Ukraine Accused Russia of Bombing Maternity Hospital

Ukraine has accused Russia of attacking a children's hospital and maternity unit in Mariupol, hurting 17 people, and trapping children and others under the...