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Ukraine Accused Russia of Bombing Maternity Hospital

Ukraine Accused Russia of Bombing Maternity Hospital
Photo: Reuters

Ukraine has accused Russia of attacking a children’s hospital and maternity unit in Mariupol, hurting 17 people, and trapping children and others under the wreckage in a “war crime without justification.” The political article is about Ukraine Accused Russia of Bombing Maternity Hospital.

On 9th March, Russia stated it would suspend fire to allow thousands of people to evacuate Mariupol and other besieged cities, but Mariupol’s municipal council reported the hospital had been struck by an airstrike numerous times. An online message wrote, “The destruction is tremendous.”

When the Mariupol complex was rocked by a series of blasts that blew out windows and took away most of the front of one structure, the earth shook for more than a mile. As light snow drifted down over smoldering and damaged automobiles and trees crushed by the bomb, footage from the site showed police and military racing to the scene to remove casualties, carrying a heavily pregnant and bleeding lady on a stretcher.

Another mother sobbed as she hugged her child in her arms. An explosive hole in the courtyard was at least two floors deep. Standing among the debris, Volodymir Nikulin, a top regional police officer, remarked, “Today Russia committed a big crime.” “There is no justification for this war crime.”

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