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US Government: Political Fallacy!

After a month since US Shutdown, the entire nation remains under the cloud as of what lies ahead in their future as the President remain adamant over his decision of building the wall over US-Mexico Border citing reasons of National Security.

Since the turnover in Congress from November, the whole scenario changed drastically as the Democrats gain the majority in the house and refuse to sanction the bill for Trump’s wall. They believe this 5.7bn US dollars budget for the wall would not bring much effect to the National Security and suggests for better proposals. However, Donald is very determined on building that wall as he promised to his supporters during the election and is one of the primary purposes of his presidency- backing off from his decision right now would mean failure for the Republicans and there is a high chance that he would lose ‘Public Support’ in the upcoming elections. In such circumstances, where he felt cornered- opt for Shutdown to pressurize the Democrats and put things according to his plans.

However, it seems that the month-long shutdown had seen the President receive public dissatisfaction after over an 80,000 federal workers did not receive their weekly paychecks and every day the US Stock Market continues to lose over 2bn, despite the disintegrating economy of theirs! With passing time, the protests will continue to grow stronger, and eventually, someone has to make the first move, but the question now is WHEN?

US Government Shutdown

The President’s demands are valid to some extent, as the US border guards failed to stop the influx of illegal immigrants from Central America onto their soil in recent years. In this situation, building that wall deemed to be the best option for Trump.
However, with Mexico refusing to pay for the wall, he had to seek help from his government only for the sake of National Security. But with the Democrat’s hostile response to his proposals and constant pressure from his supporters on fulfilling his promise, Trump seems to have no vacancy for new troubles right now. Recently, he threatened to call for National Emergency to gain carte blanche to act alone and approve his bill for funding for the wall.

However, Democrats had laughed it off, after they remind the President of their power to overturn his decisions in the Supreme Court and also few Republicans have raised eyebrows over his statement and believe this is not the right step the President should be taking considering the current circumstances where they are already in the back foot. So, for Mr. President, his “State of Emergency” trump card won’t work this time!

Meanwhile, his latest proposal to the Congress for making changes in the Immigration Law in turn for his wall has been rejected by the Democrats who hold the majority in the House of Representatives. So, it continues to move in circles while the Shutdown remains amidst the political unrest.
It seems as if the Country is in autopilot mode while the politicians continue to enjoy the show in the backseats with everyone waiting for one of them to make the first move.

– Mahmudul Hasan Apurbo

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