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World’s Second-tallest Roller Coaster Shut Down

World's Second-tallest Roller Coaster Shut Down

The world’s second-tallest roller coaster, Ohio amusement park Cedar Point’s Top Thrill Dragster coaster, is permanently closing. Park officials confirmed it on September 6, 2022. Tony Clark, Director of communications at Cedar Point, tweeted, “After 19 seasons in operation with 18 million riders experiencing the world’s first strata coaster, Top Thrill Dragster, as you know it, is being retired. However, Cedar Point’s legacy of ride innovation continues. Our team is working hard, creating a new and reimagined ride experience.” The article is about World’s Second-tallest Roller Coaster Shut Down.

The decision by Cedar Point comes a year after a small metal object flew off the 420-foot tall Top Thrill Dragster coaster and struck a woman in the head at the park in Sandusky. The woman was seriously injured while standing in line after being struck by a flying part that came off one of the ride’s fast-moving trains,

A state investigation found no evidence that the park acted illegally or had reason to believe the ride was unsafe. Nevertheless, the ride has remained closed since the August 15, 2021, accident. Park officials did not disclose if the accident influenced their decision to close the coaster permanently. While asking for their new plan, authorities said it would be revealed later. The Top Thrill Dragster was 420 feet tall. At the top is Kingda Ka in New Jersey, which has a height of 456 feet.

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