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aamra & Ngai Shing Development Ltd Organize “Automation is Transformation” Seminar

The top three environment-friendly garment and textile factories in the world are located in Bangladesh, the growth of green factories are increasing according to global demand. The government of Bangladesh has taken multiple steps to help RMG sectors by reducing delivery time, increasing port capacity and shipment flexibility, enabling quicker logistic support, tax incentives and many more, which shall help to reach its export target of USD 50 billion by 2021.

As globally we all are focusing on Go Green aiming the improvement of our ecological system, and all the initiatives are leading by these companies, aamra resources ltd is one of them. Keeping in line with the vision aamra resources limited (ARL) and Ngai Shing Development Ltd jointly organized a seminar on 17th January 2019 titled: “Automation is Transformation”, “Automation is Growth” at the Palm View Dhaka. Where the global need for future has become “Go Green”, and aamra resources ltd was recognized as the pioneer of introducing green factories in Bangladesh for this in the presence of other business entities like Beximco, Hameem Group, AKH Group, Elite, and others.

The seminar was about sharing knowledge, experiences, skills, and insight of automation in the apparel sectors and how automation can transform the apparel industries to meet upcoming challenges. Discussions were held regarding different types of quality and efficiency errors such as Less Productivity, High Production cost, Auto Swing, Cutting, Spreading, Washing, Wet process, Dry process, Testing, Dying, Finishing and much more. Ngai Shing Development Ltd. is one of the most significant solution providers for these problems and has joined hands with aamra resources limited to explain how the quality and production errors can be reduced significantly through automated technologies from Ngai Shing.

Jess “Norman” P.Stevens ||| -Senior QA Manager stated, “The technologies being offered by Ngai Shing and aamra resources limited are the benchmark solutions to meet challenges in the apparel industries.”

Mr. Cason Yu – Director of Ngai Shing Development Ltd, conducted an effective presentation where he explained how their solutions and automation could accelerate quality production with cost minimization. Mr. Ben Ho- Sales General Manager of Ngai Shing Development Ltd, presented few of solutions which are very much superior to solve complicated problems in the production line. Syed Farhad Ahmed, Managing Director of aamra resources ltd appreciated the participants and PVH Far East Ltd for their uncompromising support. The purpose of this seminar was to inform how factories can produce quality garments while ensuring best productivity that is worth their investment and keeping them environment-friendly.

aamra resources and Ngai Shing Development Ltd takes pride in organizing an informative and helpful seminar for the Industry.

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