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Amazon’s Mass Layoffs Will Continue in 2023

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After Twitter and Meta, mass layoffs started at Amazon. The company has already laid off at least 10,000 workers. As per the information, their layoff process will continue until next year. So, the article is about, Amazon’s Mass Layoffs Will Continue in 2023.

Amazon informed that, as planned, the work area will be further reduced. As a result, the number of employees must be adjusted. According to a recent report, Amazon has been facing significant losses for several months. Thus, they have decided to lay off workers. Along with this, the company has also taken several other initiatives to reduce costs.

Before this, Twitter walked the path of mass layoffs last week. About 50 percent of the company’s workforce has lost jobs under Elon Musk’s ownership. Facebook’s parent company Meta also laid off a large number of workers.

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