Bangladesh Trio Tops Asia’s Kindness List 2023 on World Kindness Day

Bangladesh Trio Tops Asia's Kindness List 2023 on World Kindness Day

On the global observance of World Kindness Day, November 13, three remarkable Bangladeshis have secured positions on the prestigious Asia’s Kindness List 2023. Mahzabin Ferdous, General Secretary of the Bangladesh Cancer Aid Trust (BANCAT), Murshidul Alam Bhuiyan, Founder and Director of Team Bertho, and Dr. Rishad Choudhury Robin, Senior Research Technical Lead of The Leprosy Mission International Bangladesh, have been acknowledged for their exceptional contributions to kindness and leadership in the Asia Pacific region.

Mahzabin Ferdous, a former corporate professional turned social communication entrepreneur, has played a pivotal role in making a positive impact on the community. Her relentless efforts include spearheading the Bangladesh Cancer Aid Trust (BANCAT) and Valor of Bangladesh. Notably, she established ‘Alok Nibash,’ Bangladesh’s first holistic cancer caregiving home, and initiated the ‘Ucchash School’ in a remote area to provide education to an underserved population.

Reflecting on her leadership philosophy, Mahzabin stated, “Kindness in leadership builds trust. Supporting others in personal challenges fosters empathy, dedication, and positive outcomes. True leadership integrates kindness for credibility, creating a stress-free, flexible, and open workplace for growth.”

Dr. Rubana Huq, praising Mahzabin’s leadership, emphasized her dedication to empowerment and positive change. “After working with Mahzabin for a long time, I found her journey very motivational. Leaving her job to support Bangladesh Cancer Aid Trust, she leads with kindness, empowering her team and championing women.”

Prof. Dr. Rubaiul Murshed, who witnessed Mahzabin’s commitment firsthand, remarked, “I saw how dedicated Mahzabin is to helping people when she approached Shomman Foundation for collaboration with BANCAT. Her commitment is truly impressive.”

These recognitions underscore the significant impact that Mahzabin, Murshidul, and Dr. Robin have had in their respective fields, contributing to a culture of kindness and leadership that resonates not only within Bangladesh but across the Asia Pacific region.


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