Bank Asia Provides Born-Blind Treatment Support as a Part of Social Responsibility

Every child in society has the right to go ahead in his own eyesight. In view of this, Bank Asia is providing treatment support to the underprivileged born-blind children (0-8 years) of our country since 2005.

Under this project, as a part of social responsibility, all the expenses for the treatment like a primary health checkup, operation, medicine, and accessories of born-blind infants are carried out by Bank Asia. Bangladesh Eye Hospital is working as a partner with Bank Asia in this project. The organization is working to revive the vision of the born-blind through sophisticated treatment and nursing.

Born-blind infants Sinha and Nazmul got their eyesight back through the support of Bank Asia. After the successful operation of Sinha and Nazmul under the direct supervision of renowned Ophthalmologist & Surgeon Mr. Kazi Shabbir Anwar of Bangladesh Eye Hospital, Deputy Managing Directors Mr. Mohammad Borhanuddin and Mr. Md. Sazzad Hossain made time to see them, recently.

So far, 1167 born-blind infants from all over the country acquired their eyesight through the support of Bank Asia. Currently, one born-blind infants are undergoing treatment at Bangladesh Eye Hospital.

Bank Asia is always committed to providing treatment support to the born-blind of underprivileged family of the country and constantly looking for new patients every year. Guardians of born-blind infants from any part of the country can get all the information of treatment support by contacting the nearest branch or Agent Point of Bank Asia Ltd.

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