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bKash Introduced ‘Business Dashboard’

bKash Introduced ‘Business Dashboard’
Photo Courtesy: bKash Limited

bKash Business Dashboard is a service where businesses can build a two-page payment window and send it to the customers. Customers can click on the link and be able to pay right away. To create a payment link through the dashboard, businesses or entrepreneurs must register at https://business.bkash.com/ with their merchant account, personal retail account, and an active email address. So, the article is about bKash Introduced ‘Business Dashboard’. bKash Business Dashboards can help merchants easily collect payments from their customers through Payment Link & features like Refund System and many more.

Payment collection is indeed a challenging part of small-scale e-commerce and f-commerce businesses. Regarding online payment, online sellers and most customers commonly use bKash. bKash Business Dashboard is a service by the company mainly aimed at online sellers to help them collect and track all the payments easily. Currently, there are 260 thousand merchant points throughout the country where about 57 million bKash users can easily scan a QR code or type a merchant number to make a seamless payment instead of carrying cash. Furthermore, through the business dashboard, customers will be able to pay using payment links as well.

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