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Daraz Organized “Influencer Connect” Season 1 to Empower Content Creators

Daraz Influencer Connect

Country’s No 1 E-commerce Marketplace Daraz Bangladesh, in association with The Daily Star, successfully organized the first chapter of Influencer Connect, a daylong gathering that brought together hundreds of micro, nano influencers and content creators who registered for the event. Renowned influencers such as Amin Hannan, Rafsan Sabab, Bushra Kabir, Thoughts of Shams, Rakin Absar, and Rj Zibran led engaging sessions covering a wide range of content creation and promotion topics. These sessions explored valuable insights such as establishing one’s presence as a presenter, adeptly managing social media, mastering video editing, ensuring content authenticity, and effectively securing and promoting brand deals, among other engaging subjects. The event was also attended by many of the country’s big influencers who thoroughly enjoyed the event and interacted with each other.  

The event took place at Aloki Convention Center, Tejgaon Link Road last Friday, 4th August. Throughout the event, attendees actively engaged with one another, sharing their experiences and gaining valuable insights. These informative sessions provided invaluable knowledge and expertise, empowering participants to elevate their content creation skills and expand their digital presence. Moreover, the grand event was further enriched by a captivating performance from popular singer Ritu Raj and his team. 

Daraz has been working with and for the content creators where they offer aspiring influencers with a unique opportunity to thrive in the digital landscape, regardless of their follower count. Alongside this, the Daraz Affiliate Program offers freelancers the opportunity to earn higher commissions by promoting and selling products from the comfort of their homes. The event aimed to educate attendees on building a successful freelance career by creating top-notch content. The platform not only equips influencers with essential tools and knowledge to monetize their content effectively but also opens doors for potential collaborations with Daraz in the future.


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