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Domino’s Pizza Closed Its Last Store in Italy

Domino's Pizza Closed Its Last Store in Italy
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Domino’s Pizza, the famous fast food brand could not survive in Italy, the birthplace of Pizza. So when the shop is closed, it is the last one. Before this, the company applied to declare itself bankrupt. Then, Domino’s local franchise Pizza Spa was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. It was launched in Italy in 2015; Domino’s faced significant competition from traditional local restaurants. But, especially during the COVID pandemic, the pressure increases if these restaurants start taking orders online. So, the article contains Domino’s Pizza Closed Its Last Store in Italy.

However, Domino’s Pizza filed for bankruptcy in early April 2021 due to the effects of coronavirus restrictions. In this related document, they use the delivery app of local restaurants Domino’s, the world’s largest pizza chain, with 18 thousand 300 stores in 90 international markets. Most of which are run through franchises. Many users are celebrating the fast food giant’s departure from Italy on social media. But, as one wrote, opening Domino’s in Italy is like trying to sell ice at the North Pole. However, Domino’s Pizza or ePizza did not immediately respond about the matter. The 90-day protection from creditors as part of the bankruptcy process has expired.

Seven years ago, Domino’s entered Italy with the aim of a comprehensive home delivery service. Variety is kept in the menu to make a difference from the traditional Pizza of the country. These included several new recipes with US-style toppings such as pineapple. In 2020 the company directly operated 23 outlets in Italy, with six sub-franchises. By comparison, Domino’s largest market in Europe is the UK and Ireland, with 1,200 stores.

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