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First Case of BMT for Lymphoma in Chattogram

Lymphoma in Chattogram

Evercare Hospital Chattogram performed a successful autologous Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) to a Lymphoma patient for the first time in the port city of Chattogram. The procedure was done on a 49-year-old male patient with T-cell lymphoma (PTCL) by Dr. Abu Jafar Mohammed Saleh and his team, marked a significant milestone in the medical sector of Chattogram. After 12 days of hospital stay, the patient was discharged in a stable condition and the patient along with his family, conveyed their heartfelt gratitude to all involved.

Expressing his elation, Samir Singh, Chief Operating Officer of Evercare Hospital Chattogram, stated, “Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) has achieved a remarkable feat in the medical landscape of Chattogram. Witnessing such a positive transformation in the patient’s physical health post-treatment has truly overwhelmed us. I firmly believe that the dedication and expertise of Dr. Abu Jafar Mohammed Saleh and his team played a pivotal role in achieving this success.”

Dr. Abu Jafar Mohammed Saleh, Senior Consultant and Coordinator of Hematology and BMT Center at Evercare Hospital said, “Lymphoma, a common blood cancer, necessitates bone marrow transplant in approximately 40 percent of patients. Evercare Hospital Chattogram initiated Bone Marrow Transplants in January, and since then, it has proved to be a revolutionary process in cancer treatment. The procedure involves harvesting stem cells from the patient’s body, administering high-dose chemotherapy, and subsequently transplanting the harvested stem cells. Moreover, we are excited to announce that Allogeneic BMT will commence in Chattogram very soon.”


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