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Google and Amazon invest USD 450K in Shothik AI

In a significant milestone for Bangladeshi tech innovation, Shothik AI, an emerging AI-based startup, has successfully secured a substantial funding of USD 450,000, with USD 350,000 from the Google for Startups Cloud program and an additional USD 100,000 from Amazon.

Shothik AI specializes in addressing complex challenges related to the Bengali language, offering ingenious solutions for spelling correction, Bengali grammar refinement, paraphrasing, text summarization, translation, copywriting, and text-to-image and video generation. The platform is versatile, supporting both Bengali and English languages.

Ahsan Habib, the visionary Founder and CEO of Shothik AI, highlighted the inherent complexities of the Bengali language compared to others, emphasizing the need for modern technology to enhance linguistic refinement. “It is very necessary to work on a simple solution to the language problem to highlight the Bengali language in the court of the world,” added Ahsan.

Co-Founder & COO of Shothik AI, RTB Ruhan, expressed gratitude for the substantial support received from Amazon and Google. “We have already secured support of taka 1 crore from Amazon. And now Google has joined us. With this fund from them, we can expand our service beyond the country. Moreover, Thanks to Google’s support, we can add new and modern AI tools to our platform.”

This recent funding boost comes on the heels of Shothik AI’s recognition as a portfolio startup under the “Bangabandhu Innovation Grant (BIG)” from the ICT division of Bangladesh, further solidifying its status as a pioneering force in the tech landscape.

The infusion of capital from industry giants Google and Amazon is poised to accelerate Shothik AI’s expansion globally, enhancing its capabilities with cutting-edge AI tools. The startup’s mission to simplify and elevate the Bengali language stands to make significant strides on the world stage.

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