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Government And Governance Amidst COVID-19


In the very peculiar state that the world is in today, the human race hasn’t faced a problem as big as coronavirus. With nothing escaping its clutches, all we can do is to ride it out. But as far as the scientific exploration takes us, as a society, we are in a constant evolution of our former selves. Though the coronavirus has become a notion as it has become a concern for table talk, the procedural order of nature will take its effect in time. But is the task as big and tough as we speak of it?

The general relevancy with government and governance garners imperious momentum unlike anything ever before. All of the aspects of the disease of the coronavirus deem negativity from all corners and to feed the negativity back to the society indicates the lapses that the race has to deal it. Governance and government are intricately linked; without the other, no sort of political measure would be there that sense the certainty in billions of people’s lives.

Going around the globe, all hope isn’t lost. The past traumas that civilization has faced-is the real indication of mental faculty that human beings are capable of. From an individualistic point of view, never ever have we seen the human race put a prudent battle against the harmful existence of COVID19. The society at large has become construed due to the coronavirus, and even free will has met the societal ramifications, and for that, we are to blame. The real power of free will has met its criterion: Nonstaining belief in the ability for a range of deeds that shine a light on societal understatements puts us at the most eased position that we are in.

So far, we have moved mountains and conquered places unheard of, but our real uniqueness is that we are versatile. Many other Organisms have come and gone; some may be extinct, but the human race’s footprint and as the most dominant species on the planet have put us in a spin of successful rigidity. Months into the pandemic, the need for good governance and leadership has truly become an issue to be dealt with.

By saving a single life, what we actually do is save millions of lives. Trends and patterns have become a part of what we do, and from those consistencies, we emerge as global leaders to eliminate the pandemic through science and bring forth an approach relentless in its behavior. Now, as we take one step closer to the cure, the government will be one of the biggest if not the biggest player to mitigate us across these hard times into a sustainable future without any sort of pandemic.

Besides making the case dim and unclear, the government’s data and statistics don’t always indicate the proper thing and lacks the adequacy required to understand the state of affairs. Because we have learned to live with the type of governance mostly good in tackling our health crisis, the resources available to the people running the nation, aka the governments’ help us relieve the extreme fear and agony that COVID-19 has enthralled us with.

The best part of governing a nation out of a crisis is the culmination across all frontiers-From health care to technology to the intermix of medicine and technology and the forecast measures-all in an excellent way to remove the veils of obliteration to go forward. In a very nice and particularly smart way, the government has learned to deal with COVID in good ways, and they do it by maintaining public safety guidelines and the deliverance of a cure.

The government then can take proactive measures to eliminate the virus. At first, the target is to reduce the spread and decrease the rate at which the virus spreads and its methods. The overview is simple. If we have the resources, the tax payer money, and minds behind our shoulders, and by maintaining distancing issues along with quarantine both imposed and self-imposed, we can walk with broad shoulders and eliminate this virus for good.

The last end is easily visible; all we need to do pick up the microscope to see the reality and that being said, we are in a helpless battle against this virus, and the only escape is by good governance by the government and other regulatory body and any other branch of the governmental hierarchy and public service.

Still, there is a lot to come; we are approaching the football world cup and the Tokyo Olympic Games, among many other things. Now is the time to act, and our action determines where we are and what we could do. Each one of us has a role to play in the pandemic. By maintaining social distancing, we can help eliminate the virus because it doesn’t survive without a host. The government does such simple things by allowing preventive practices to take itself on to a journey of continuous travel around the globe.

The ways react to the pandemic and how we cope with the loss of life and loss, in general, have become our primary concern, and without this, nothing is possible. There isn’t a way that we are out of this, and the mental faculty must be included to lift us up from this ugly mess. The rest is up to higher powers governing the universe, but again amidst the coronavirus, we are concerned position slowly learning to deal with it.

Engr. Samin Shadman Zahir

Contributor, The InCAP

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