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Grameenphone Launched GP Academy to Empower Youths

Grameenphone Launched GP Academy to Empower Youths
Photo Courtesy: Grameenphone

Grameenphone has launched GP Academy, a future skills academy, to prepare young minds for the digital future through an exciting journey of transformative upskilling. The organization is committed to establishing a future-ready Bangladesh by empowering the youth. The newly established GP Academy intends to educate Bangladesh’s large and bright young people to prepare them for the future industry. So, the article is about Grameenphone Launched GP Academy to Empower Youths.

The launch event was held on May 18 at the GP House, with Dulal Krishna Saha, Executive Chairman Secretary, National Skills Development Authority (NSDA), as the primary guest. Cecilie Heuch, Executive Vice President, Chief People and Sustainability Officer of Telenor, was a special guest at the event. She also spoke about the academy’s potential. 

She said, “Building future skills is crucial for building a sustainable tomorrow. Today I am delighted to be a part of the launch of Grameenphone Academy in collaboration with Telenor and Cisco. I believe and hope our collective efforts with credible global partners will play a pivotal role in developing digital skills for the youth of Bangladesh, accelerating digitalization, and creating a competitive workforce globally.” 

GP Academy programs and courses are designed to strengthen their career readiness, accelerate entrepreneurship and offer multiple core skills required for the fourth industrial revolution. In addition, Grameenphone has been upskilling university students over the last two years through the “GP Explorers” program, successfully preparing students for the workplace.

And now, GP Academy aims to spread this impact nationwide. The Career Launchpad program within GP Academy is specially-designed to bridge the gaps between academic knowledge and the professional world, guiding students through practical, industry-oriented skills. The courses offer augmented academic knowledge from the classrooms to prepare young minds for the following stages of their career.

With in-depth training in areas of 4IR specializations, paired with business strategy, value creation, team management, and more – GP Academy trainees are groomed to push their boundaries beyond traditional norms to stand tall in local and global markets for skilled talent.

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