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Government To Unveil a Beta Version of E-commerce Complaints App

Government To Unveil a Beta Version of E-commerce Complaints App

The government would develop a beta version of an app and a website to manage customer complaints about various e-commerce companies. The officials said the government’s Access to Information Program (a2i) built a digital system known as the Central Complaint Management System (CCMP), which will be run by the Directorate of National Consumer Rights Protection (DNCRP). The article is about Government To Unveil a Beta Version of E-commerce Complaints App.

The Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms and the e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-CAB) would be part of the digital system to address client concerns. Under this system, any issues that cannot be handled swiftly by the involved e-commerce platforms would be immediately submitted to the relevant government regulatory bodies.

Every e-commerce site will have a client complaint link, which customers can quickly click and use to write about their problems. However, customers can only file complaints against the listed e-commerce sites. Apart from that, if clients have access to the necessary data, they will be able to examine each company’s settlement rate and be better informed before making a purchase.

Ekshop, the a2i, and the ICT Division’s integrated rural e-commerce platform recently held a beta demonstration of the program. The app was demonstrated by Shahabuddin Shipon, Vice President of the e-CAB. He claimed at the event that the application would be tested for a few months. The app and website will be fully functional if the test is successful. He also added, “Once a customer makes a complaint, the CCMP will send a notification to the company concerned. Both the company and the customer will get notifications about updates on the complaint. The company will be given seven to ten days to resolve it.” 

He further mentioned that the platform would validate this with the client if the company claims that the problem has been resolved. The forum will label the issue as resolved once the client accepts.

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