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Hello 23: Kazi Mamunur Rashid

Kazi Mamunur Rashid - The InCAP

I pay tribute to the great architect of independent Bangladesh, the greatest Bangali of all time – Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the Father of the Nation. All courageous freedom fighters and eternal martyrs, whose immeasurable heroism and self-sacrifice helped us attain a sovereign land and independent nationhood, a sacred constitution, and the red-green flag, I remember all with deep veneration.

At times when we have just started to forget the memories of the losses that happened in the pandemic and other unwanted disasters, to embrace the beginning of the year 2023, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the citizens of Bangladesh a joyful and prosperous New Year!

2022 was an important year for Bangladesh. People from all spheres of society celebrated the 50th anniversary of independence despite the unfulfilled dream of an affluent and self-sustaining economic and political system that ensures the good governance at all possible indicators.  Our nation has just started to gain speed in recovering from the stagnation happened during the pandemic that lasted for almost two years.

Hardworking people of our country have joined their work again and responded to all the possibilities with their best effort for the beautiful dreams despite all kinds of socio-economic and political challenges. War in Ukraine has put a string of uncertainties around the world. Economic and political governance, poverty, lack of opportunities, and climate change have stood up as odd against all the possibilities. Despite all these, the people of the country are looking forward to the best potencies from all the entities who proclaim to be a gem of the society.

As a representative of the people of this struggling and, at the same time, flourishing nation, in the coming years – I am looking forward to the collective effort of all to achieve our desired changes in the society, economy, politics, and the overall governance for reaching the destination for which we have already gathered a blood-pool of sacrifices during the War of Independence in 1971 and in later times of all political turmoil.

I would like to thank all our well-wishers for being with us and showing their support. I hope we, as a nation, will stand strongly against all corruption and poor administration with the wave of good deeds from all walks of life. I dream of a nation that beholds the ideas of our ancestors and works at their best to achieve the best.

May 2023 be filled with peace, prosperity, and love. Happy New Year!

Kazi Mamunur Rashid
Spokesperson of the opposition leader
Bangladesh National Parliament


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