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New Year Greetings From Rony Riad Rashid

Rony Riad Rashid - The InCAP
Rony Riad Rashid, Managing Director & CEO - RCUBE Technologies Limited

Personally, I follow a handful few business magazines, most of the western world. This is because when I think about picking up a business magazine, what I really look for is a crisp perspective. Business news, along with facts and figures, of course, but they must be presented in an inspiring way as to keep my attention.

In my busy corporate life, I hardly have the time or loyalty to a magazine which would be either so compacted with struggling business miseries and unsolvable challenges, or gives out a sense of how easy it is to become a billionaire. Folks in the business world have already read or witnessed such happenings, and it really is quite ordinary for them. For me, I find it outright boring. What would really strike my fancy would be to read a combination of real-world, real-life stories articulated in such a way that would sway the reader’s mind to the positive aspects of business vision filled with moral fiber.

I wholeheartedly congratulate The InCAP for their successful pursuit of modern business writing. In comparison to most local business magazines, I find The InCAP to always offer a fresh and encouraging point of view. With the increasing struggle of business houses to survive in today’s competitive world, I find a compassionate analysis of events rather than a cutthroat representation; would be antibiotic to business readers; which the The InCAP magazine does so wonderfully.

Another key element that brings a sense of satisfaction is the range of diversity that this magazine covers. While reading some articles, I have found myself wondering as to how much hard work it must be to find, authenticate, and elaborately detail out new solutions to old problems. I hope this inquisitive nature to fetch out solutions to far-reaching business challenges, always remain the heart and spirit of The InCAP.

I must recognize the whole The InCAP team for their vision and dedication to business journalism, and I have no doubts they will be a Top-Pick by all Bangladeshi and global entrepreneurs in no time. It is not hard to evaluate the success of a business magazine whose chief editor has been actively and passively involved in the corporate world for many years herself. Her prowess to detail, along with the correct co-relation of today’s business problems and solutions, really uplifts the spirit.

It has really been a privilege to be associated with The InCAP; I am truly proud to be the first cover of this magazine and honestly keep this honor very close to my heart. I wish this magazine many many accolades for today and tomorrow and celebrate the vibrant milestones that they have crossed today. Happy new year 2021 to the readers and the management team, Well Done, and I’ll keep coming back for more and more publications.

Best Wishes.

Rony Riad Rashid

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