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Hello 23: Suraiya Zannath

Interview with Suraiya Zannath

2022 is one of the most challenging years around the Globe. Everywhere, everyone had been recovering from the twin shock-health and economy, resulting from COVID-19. Before the pandemic cloud was fully over, economists and policymakers started forecasting a recession, and most see it starting early next year. Whether it’s deep or shallow, long or short, is up for debate, but the idea that the economy is going into a period of contraction is pretty much the consensus view of all concerned.

As every end marks a new beginning – the world waits for yet another year filled with uncertainty, excitement, and hopes. Let us leave behind all the bad and depressing memories of the past year and prepare ourselves to welcome FY 23, that will unfold some good and happy times for all of us.

Despite many challenges affecting InCap and its noteworthy ventures, it is heartening to note its accomplishments and the firmness to grow both professionally and institutionally. Keep your spirits and determination unshaken, and you shall always walk the glory road with courage, faith, and commitment.

Happy New Year to The InCAP’s patrons, well-wishers, clients, and partners. You’ve all been instrumental to The InCAP’s success over the past year, 2022. Let’s collectively make the next 2023 even better!

Suraiya Zannath
Lead Governance & Financial Management Specialist
World Bank


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