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June in Pictures
June in Pictures
Brothers Julian and Lincoln Barnwell measure a cannon which was found in the shipwreck of the 340-year-old Gloucester warship, hailed as the most important maritime find since the Mary Rose. Photo Courtesy: bbc.com
June in Pictures
Actor Matthew McConaughey holds a picture of Uvalde shooting victim Alithia Ramirez as he calls for gun responsibility in the USA. The Texas primary school shooting claimed the lives of 21 people, including 19 young children, and has renewed the US debate over gun laws. Photo Courtesy: Reuters

 Millions of people in Bangladesh have had to flee their homes after heavy rainfall triggered flooding, which has killed more than 42. Photo Courtesy: Getty Images
At least 50 people are killed in a dual mass shooting-bomb attack in Owo, Nigeria. Photo Courtesy: Rahaman A Yusuf
Canada and Denmark end their competing claims for Hans Island by dividing the island roughly in half ending what was referred to as the Whisky War. Photo Courtesy: New York Times
Devastating Earthquake in Afghanistan
An earthquake measuring moment magnitude (Mw ) 6.2 strikes the Durand Line between Afghanistan and Pakistan, killing at least 1,000 people. Photo Courtesy: The Guardian
G7 Plans To Raise $600bn to Counter China's Belt And Road
G7 leaders gather for a summit in Germany to discuss the situation in Ukraine. A ban on imports of Russian gold is announced. Photo Courtesy: Reuters
At Least 46 People Dead Bodies Found in Texas Trailer Truck
 53 migrants are found dead in a tractor trailer in San Antonio, Texas. Photo Collected From: Fox29.com
Causes And Explanations of Chittagong Depot Fire
Hazardous chemicals were kept near to the containers restored with garment items that fed the blaze at the BM Container Depot in Chattogram’s Sitakunda. The incident left more than 49 dead and over 200 wounded. Photo Source: CGTN

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