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McDonald’s To Reopen in Ukraine

McDonald's Permanently Exiting in Russia
Photo Courtesy: Reuters

McDonald’s declared their plans for a phased partial reopening of restaurants in Ukraine, where operations have been shuttered since February 2022 due to the Russian invasion. So, McDonald’s To Reopen in Ukraine.

The US fast-food chain will reopen some restaurants in Kyiv and western Ukraine, where other firms have safely reopened, Mr. Paul Pomroy, Senior Vice President for international operated markets, confirmed. Mr. Pomroy cited requests from the company’s Ukrainian employees for the relaunch to signify a small but significant sense of normalcy in the besieged nation. McDonald’s suspended its operations in Ukraine on February 24, following the Russian siege of the country. It has continued to pay salaries of more than 10,000 employees since then, Mr. Pomroy stated.

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