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Microsoft to Strengthen BRAC Bank’s Customer Services

Microsoft to strengthen BRAC Bank’s customer services

Globally leading digital transformation service company Microsoft Bangladesh has signed its Products and Services Agreement (MPSA) with BRAC Bank, a leading commercial bank in Bangladesh.

The agreement was signed at the BRAC head office in Dhaka recently, said a press release.

Under the agreement, Microsoft services, applications, and leading-edge solutions will be available through Microsoft’s Licensing Solution Partner, Thakral One.

The Bank will be able to harness Microsoft 365 productivity tools to build a robust, cost-effective, and seamlessly integrated digital foundation.

Md Sabbir Hossain, deputy managing director and chief operating officer, and Nurun Nahar Begum, chief technology officer were present on behalf of BRAC Bank.

Basab Bagchi, chief executive officer at Thakral One, Sook Hoon Cheah, general manager, Microsoft SEA New Markets, and Yousup Faruqu, country managing director, Microsoft Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Nepal were present at the signing event.

Yousup Faruqu, country managing director, Microsoft Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Nepal said, “Technology is increasingly providing a competitive advantage to financial services firms looking to thrive in the digital economy. With Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise, BRAC Bank team can build more automated, internal workflows, optimize business processes and accelerate growth.”

Md Sabbir Hossain deputy managing director and chief operating officer of BRAC Bank said “As the Bank rapidly moves towards the introduction of advanced technologies, onboarding Microsoft solutions will strengthen collaboration and productivity among our employees and enhance the quality of customer service.”

Utilising Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise comprising a 4000-user solution, BRAC Bank can significantly improve employee performance and operational efficiency while ensuring hybrid work, on a secure platform with access to analytics. In a digital age, multi-factor authentication will protect the Bank against various online threats, adding an extra layer of security while the use of Active directory, M365 enterprise apps, and Teams will increase efficiency and shorten lead time across BRAC Branch branches, ultimately benefitting the bank’s customers.


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