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New Year Greetings 2022 | Rupali Chowdhury | Hello 22

Rupali Chowdhury-theincap
Rupali Chowdhury, Managing Director of Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited

Goodbye, 2021!

The beginning of a new year is always an exciting yet emotional time filled with nostalgia, memories, and a hopeful future. It gives us the opportunity to pause, reflect on the past and make plans for the time ahead. On this day, we recall last year’s achievements and challenges as we look forward to the promise of a new prosperous year, of a new beginning.

The year 2021 has been difficult for most of us. The COVID-19 pandemic left a long-lasting impact on our lives. It fundamentally transformed major aspects of our lives with remote work, online learning, lockdown, quarantine, face masks, and sanitizers. However, human beings have shown immense courage and support to assist each other amid the global emergency. The pandemic has made us braver and kinder. Even when everything went sideways this year, we brought groceries for our neighbors, donated food, and distributed clothing to the under-privileged. In the face of this crisis, people have come together to develop volunteer networks, create inspirational videos, and give each other messages of love. Humanity has gone through a massive transition and continues to hold on to hope for a brighter and better tomorrow. 

To live in a world means we must adapt and evolve continuously. Today, we approach the ‘new normal’ with new dreams and experiences. It is true that the ripples from the current situation spread into the personal, social, and economic spheres. Despite this, we have tackled the crisis with patience, perseverance, and hope towards a better future. For example, the novel coronavirus significantly affected the economy and greatly influenced the foundation of numerous companies. Several industries struggled to obtain raw materials during the challenging times, including the paint industry. Berger Paints Bangladesh Ltd. (BPBL) as well found it almost impossible to deliver or move the goods across various locations – but we never gave up. 

With strategic planning and firm determination, we were able to come up with unique ideas to create sustainable solutions. We employed many people who are directly involved in the production, distribution, and application of paint solutions across the country. In addition, Berger ensured that every step of the manufacture was carried out according to proper health and safety regulations. Instead of reducing employee numbers or work benefits, we continued to encourage and counsel our personnel, assuring them that better days were on the way. 

Similar to us, people worldwide have shown resilience, empathy, and kindness. The upcoming year will allow us to start afresh. Like a ship sailing the sea, we must believe in our destination, battle the storms, lean on our crew, and plan ahead. 

I am truly inspired by The InCAP readers and the excellent team behind this publication. I genuinely admire the Hello ’22 campaign and believe it is a beautiful concept to spread optimism by sharing wide-ranging ideas and opinions. 

Now that we are entering 2022, it is best to let 2021 become a distant memory and celebrate the upcoming year with joy and happiness. We will become stronger taking inspiration from past and our resilience will continue to navigate difficult times ahead.

Here’s to another year full of joy, laughter, and unforgettable memories. 

Happy New Year!

Rupali Chowdhury
Managing Director
Berger Paints Bangladesh Ltd.

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