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New Year Greetings From Ministry of Information | Dr. Hasan Mahmud

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At the very outset of this message, I recall with deep respect and gratitude the great architect of independent Bangladesh, the greatest Bangali of all time – the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. I remember with reverence all valiant freedom fighters and immortal martyrs, whose infinite courage and self-sacrifices enabled us to achieve a sovereign land and independent nationhood, a sacred constitution, and the red-green flag.

I express my sincere gratitude to our Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina; without her extraordinary leadership, such progress of Bangladesh would never have been possible.

The whole world is now submerged by the devastations of Covid-19, causing millions of death worldwide and infecting more. I am deeply saddened.

Despite hundreds of obstacles, we did not stop. I do believe as a nation now, we are unstoppable; this is the consequence of the excellent leadership of Jananetri Sheikh Hasina. The Ministry of Information has been playing a catalytic role in disseminating information to the people through print and electronic media. In this era of information technology, having a free flow of information, the Ministry of Information has a challenging role to play. We are committed to keeping people informed, motivated, aware, and engaged in development through an open and participatory flow of information by strengthening public and private mass media and ensuring their right to access information.

I appreciate the initiatives of the international business magazine The InCAP, and their mother concern and publisher International Corporate Association of Professionals (InCAP), for their relentless hard work year after year for quality publication.

I wish good luck to everyone in the world. We will return to our normal lives soon. There will be a new dawn on the horizon piercing the veil of darkness all around us.

As we say goodbye to 2020, we can also turn the page on the division, rancor, and uncertainty and open a new sunny chapter for the globe. May the year 2021 be filled with joy and prosperity.

Joy Bangla.

Joy Bangabandhu.

May Bangladesh Live Forever.

Dr. Hasan Mahmud, MP
Ministry of Information
Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

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