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Quick Chat With The Corporate Genius: Rony Riad Rashid


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Quick Chat

1. What motivates you?

When someone says “It can’t be done”.

2. Name the most influential book you read?

“The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. Santiago is a literary friend whom I talk to in my dreams sometimes.

3. Meaning of “Corporate Success” to you.

Addiction to completing almost impossible tasks under almost impossible circumstances.

4. What did you want to be when you were a child?

Firstly; to own the biggest candy shop in the world. Then; to be a Train Driver with many buggies, then out of infancy, to be a Combat warrior, even later a Pilot. But the thing is; I still want to be all those people and do all those things. I just don’t know what to do! (He smiles and sighs sarcastically)

5. The best gift you ever received.

Materially: A brand new cruiser motorcycle on my Birthday.

Ideologically: When my previous colleagues honor me.

6. Your greatest fear.

Materially: Ghosts.

Ideologically: To let someone down as a result of my actions.

7. Favorite holiday places.

Adelaide, Australia. I would like to live there one day.

8. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?

Well… There are quite a few; which are all important to me. Let me tell you one that echoes in my ear frequently. My father once told me “Son if you ever purchase anything for me even a gift; make sure it purchased with the money earned from hard-days honest labor“. Overwhelming isn’t it? Till now It serves as a reminder to me of my identity and my family values.

9. Hobby.

Guitar, Daydreaming, Being Lazy.

10. One habit of yours that you want to let everyone know.

I am a big dreamer.

11. Your hero?

My Father.

12. Any other admirable personalities from recent times?

Yes, a Movie Actress of recent times has been quite an inspiration, I would have to get back to you on her name.

13. The one true love of your life?

Mr. Rashid and his Mother

My Mother. I am blind about her, so I cannot finish it in one line. She is my partner in crime. In the short run she’s a bit impulsive, but in the long run, she is the most patient person on earth. Our family has been through many extreme thick and thins if you know what I mean. A lot more than any family goes through on average that’s for sure. I very firmly believe that without her passionate personal sacrifices and stern endurance this family would have perished.  My Love and affection towards her are above anyone in this world and then some. She is the glue that holds my family together. I am entirely prejudiced towards my mother because she is right without exception all the time. This is a proven fact.

14. What is patriotism to you?

Doing my part consciously, avoiding the bad and embracing the good.

15. What are the three things that you absolutely cannot live without?

Beef, Music, Laughter.

16. Describe yourself in three words.

Curious, Compassionate, Courageous.

17. How do you want people to remember you?

The fool who never gave up.

18. Describe a material dream and why?

Having a beachfront house someday. The sea somehow always calms me down.

19. Your life’s philosophy.

How deep is the rabbit hole?

20. Greatest achievement.

Never compromising my self-respect and values for anyone, at any cost.

Awards, Merits & Honor

Best CMO of South Asia 2017 (Technology Industry)

SAAPS and World HRD Congress.

New Car Salesman of the Year

General Motors USA (South) 2005

Member of Australian Institute of Management

Lifetime member of American Marketing Association

USA National Deans List – 2001/2002

LSU Presidents Honor Roll 2000, 2001, 2002

Silver Medalist, 2004 Martial Arts World Championship.

(Kumite) Fighting, Lightweight Full-Contact Category.

To read the full interview, please click here  Corporate Genius: Rony Riad Rashid

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