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Robust R&D: Leading the Interactive Tech Scene in Bangladesh with Top Partnerships

Born from the vision of four young entrepreneurs, Robust Research and Development Ltd. has quickly established itself as a leading player in Bangladesh’s interactive tech industry. Founded in 2020 by Mahir Faisal, Tanvir Ahmed Khan, Shishir Sarkar, and Alid Hasan Akash, Robust is renowned for its innovative spirit, impressive track record, and collaborations with prestigious organizations.

Robust’s diverse portfolio boasts over 80 projects, catering to the needs of organizations. Their diverse range of services includes cutting-edge solutions in augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), gaming applications, Industrial Training Simulation, mobile applications, and more.

Robust’s impact extends beyond the number of projects they’ve developed. Their user base has reached over 350,000, demonstrating their ability to create user-centric and impactful solutions. This dedication to excellence has been recognized by prestigious organizations, including the receipt of the National Champion award at the Entrepreneurship World Cup 2022 by Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN), the National Champion at the NASA Space App Challenge 2023, and the Young Entrepreneur Award by Bangladesh Open Source Network.

Robust’s success can be attributed to several key factors. Their strong leadership team, comprised of passionate and experienced entrepreneurs, guides the company toward a clear vision for the future. Their skilled workforce of developers, designers, and engineers is dedicated to constantly pushing the boundaries of technology and driving innovation. Robust prioritizes research and development, constantly exploring new ways to leverage technology for positive change. Their user-centric approach ensures that their solutions are both user-friendly and impactful. Additionally, their collaborations with leading organizations like Bangladesh Police, British Council, GIZ, Bangladesh Customs, SureCare, and many others provide them with access to broader resources, expertise, and reach, further amplifying their impact.

Looking ahead, Robust’s path is paved with continued growth and innovation. Their unwavering commitment to excellence, impressive track record, and collaborations with leading organizations solidify their position as a powerful force shaping the future of technology in Bangladesh and beyond. Robust is an inspiration for young entrepreneurs and a testament to the thriving tech industry in Bangladesh.

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