Home Press Release Seaqua, Bangladeshi Blue-Tech Startup, Raises Six-Figure Foreign Investment

Seaqua, Bangladeshi Blue-Tech Startup, Raises Six-Figure Foreign Investment

Seaqua, the innovative blue-tech startup from Bangladesh, proudly announces a substantial foreign direct investment (FDI) in the six-figure range from investors based in the Middle East. This funding injection is poised to propel Seaqua’s mission of digitizing and revolutionizing Bangladesh’s fisheries and aquaculture sector, a venture that commenced with its establishment in 2022.

Seaqua’s groundbreaking approach, outlined in their press release, involves deploying a value chain strategically crafted to minimize wastage and elevate overall efficiency within the fisheries and aquaculture domain. Aiming to empower local fisheries, Seaqua employs cutting-edge technology to eradicate traditional inefficiencies prevalent in the industry.

The startup distinguishes itself with features such as real-time data integration for comprehensive catch records and a streamlined system furnishing retailers with precise, up-to-the-minute information. Embracing blockchain technology, Seaqua ensures traceability maps for enhanced transparency throughout the supply chain.

According to the press release, the secured investment will act as a catalyst in advancing Seaqua’s dual mission of expanding its environmental footprint and contributing to the economic growth of the fisheries and aquaculture industry.

Seaqua expressed enthusiasm, stating, “This significant investment fuels our commitment to transforming Bangladesh’s fisheries landscape through technological innovation. We are eager to make strides in sustainability and efficiency with the support of our valued investors.”


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