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Shadab Sakib Mostafa ACCA is one of the champion of the ACCA Bangladesh Member Advocacy Award

ACCA Bangladesh has just announced the winners of this year’s Advocacy Award in Bangladesh, and you have won for the second consecutive year. These awards recognize members who have acted as powerful advocates for ACCA and the accountancy profession, making a real difference in their workplace and communities, including efforts to nurture and encourage the next generation of talent.

Shadab has appreciated the ACCA community everywhere he has worked. He emphasizes that belonging to a worldwide community is more important for ACCA members than simply having a certain certificate. ‘The ability to influence, inspire, and ignite change is at the core of advocacy,’ he states. I have personally experienced the life-changing impact of sharing my ACCA experience. To assist people in finding a path toward their goals, advocacy is about sharing experiences, best practices, and anecdotes.”

Shadab declares, ‘I firmly believe that advocates are the voice of ACCA in regions across the world.’ It wasn’t simple for me to qualify for ACCA, but once I did, I knew I had the knowledge to take on any business dispute; therefore, I’ve never been intimidated by obstacles. ‘Accountants are the title given to ACCA members, but we are much more than that.

Shadab encourages members and students to set high goals for their careers. ‘We can move into operations, IT, communications, business data analysis, green finance, carbon audit; even aim for the COO/CEO position,’ he states. The sky is within reach. Don’t limit yourself; we’ve worked hard to earn this degree.

He has always been enthusiastic and ambitious to win the Regional ACCA Advocacy Award in the South Asian Region (APAC) for ACCA Bangladesh. He always wants someone from Bangladesh to take the first footstep in the global arena and uplift the country’s flag.

How will future auditors and accountants handle the changing audit landscape with their expanded roles, evolving technologies, and rising expectations?

An increasing number of people need sustainability assurance due to the growing urgency surrounding the effects of climate change. Auditors are expected to be more than just vigilant financial watchdogs; they are expected to be environmental stewards who contribute to the advancement of a sustainable future, wrestling with the need to support accurate and transparent environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting.

Shadab’s decision to step out of his comfort zone and move to another country in pursuit of knowledge about carbon audit, carbon trading, and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) reporting reflects a commendable commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices.

By immersing himself in a country where these practices are not only followed but also regulated by law, Shadab can gain hands-on experience and a deeper understanding of how businesses integrate environmental and social considerations into their operations. This exposure will likely provide him with valuable insights into the practical aspects, challenges, and successes of implementing sustainable business practices.

Additionally, Shadab believes that this learning can be useful to the community as a whole because more diversified professionals will be created, and learning will be obtained. The knowledge he gathers will be shared among all fellow members in the ACCA community.


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