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Six Dead in Parade Shooting Near Chicago

Six dead in Parade Shooting Near Chicago
Photo Courtesy: BBC

Police are looking for a rooftop gunman who shot dead six people at an Independence Day parade near the US city of Chicago. The event in Highland Park, Illinois, was suddenly halted shortly in the morning when several shots were heard. Officials said, Twenty-four people were taken to hospital.

A suspect has been named Robert E Crimo III, whose age is only 22. Police stated he is considered armed and dangerous. The suspect appeared to have randomly targeted the parade attendees with a high-powered rifle. He opened fire at the parade at around 10:15 at USA time, just a few minutes after it started. The program was scheduled to include floats, marching bands, and community entertainment as part of the city’s Independence Day celebrations. However, the suspected has been taken into police custody for his suspected role.

The suspect is believed to have fired at public members from the rooftop of a nearby shop, where police say they recovered evidence of a firearm. Five adults were killed at the scene, as well as a further victim who the local coroner said died in a nearby hospital. July 4 is a national holiday marking the date the American colonies declared independence from Great Britain in 1776. Witnesses at the scene described the terrifying moment they heard multiple shots fired quickly.

After the attack, police still search for the suspect, using police dogs and drones to focus their investigation on the parade route, the downtown area, and the central business district. Those living in these areas, described by police as an active crime scene, were advised to continue sheltering in place. Gun violence in Chicago tends to rise over holiday weekends as the hot weather sends people outdoors. In 2021, more than 100 people were shot and 17 killed over the Fourth of July weekend in Chicago.

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