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Editor’s Lens | January 2024 | Nasrin Nahar Jeneva

We embarked on the journey into 2024, leaving behind a myriad of threats, conflicts, and natural disasters. As we welcome the approaching new year...

Let’s Walk Towards The Light: Nasrin Nahar Jeneva | Editor’s Lens

From the beginning of creation, humans have gradually conquered everything. This time we are on the way to conquer a miniature, invisible, impossibly terrible...

Editor’s Lens: Heroic Struggle For Economic Recovery of Bangladesh

November - December 2020 Issue Unexpectedly, the year 2020 brought different hard times in our lives. This year we have learned a lot in exchange...

Editor’s Lens

While working as an HR professional, I am facing some common problems. Every time employers’ complaint - They do not get skilled human resources...