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Editor’s Lens | January 2024 | Nasrin Nahar Jeneva

We embarked on the journey into 2024, leaving behind a myriad of threats, conflicts, and natural disasters. As we welcome the approaching new year with optimism and anticipation. The InCAP proudly presents its New Year Edition – “Hello 24.” This especial edition is dedicated to the unsung heroes of the global economy, the 24 professionals who serve as the power wheels, propelling the gears of industry and progress. These individuals, often working in labor-intensive or low-income sectors, play a pivotal role in shaping the economic landscape.

In this edition, we delve into the lives of these 24 professionals, hearing their stories, and understanding their unique perspectives on the year gone by, 2023. From factory floors to service counters, they share their triumphs, challenges, and the aspirations that fuel their resilience. These are the voices that are often overlooked but constitute the beating heart of our global economy.

Turning the pages, you’ll find a comprehensive look back at 2023 in our “Year at a Glance” section. We highlighted the major economic events, breakthroughs, and challenges that defined the past year. From technological advancements to societal shifts, this retrospective provides a panoramic view of the economic landscape we traversed together.

In the spirit of recognizing innovation, we present the “Ranking” section, where we unveil the Top 10 AI Companies in The World 2023 that have been the trailblazers in 2023. In a world increasingly shaped by artificial intelligence, these companies have stood out for their groundbreaking contributions, setting the stage for what lies ahead.

The Hello 24 edition wouldn’t be complete without the warm greetings and heartfelt aspirations from our featured professionals. As they bid farewell to 2023, they share their hopes for a brighter and more inclusive 2024. Their messages serve as a reminder that behind every economic statistic and corporate milestone, there are individuals whose dreams and aspirations drive progress.

Join us in celebrating the power wheels of the economy, reflecting on the past, and embracing the future with optimism. Wishing you a year ahead filled with groundbreaking stories, innovative ventures, and unparalleled success in the world of business. May each edition of our magazine be a testament to your prosperity and growth. 

I deeply express my thanks to our publisher – InCAP, beloved readers, well-wishers, and advertisers with whose love and support we can successfully reach out worldwide today.

Wishing you a prosperous and fulfilling 2024!

Happy New Year!


Nasrin Nahar Jeneva

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