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The Mastermind: Md. Raziuddin

The Mastermind: Md. Raziuddin

Md. Raziuddin
Head of Brand Marketing and Communications
LankaBangla Finance PLC.

Mr. Md. Raziuddin is a seasoned professional with over 16 years of expertise in brand marketing and communications. Currently serving as the Assistant Vice President and Head of Brand Marketing and Communications at LankaBangla Finance PLC, he has played a pivotal role in the company’s growth and success. His extensive experience began as a management trainee at GREY Dhaka, where he honed his skills in advertising, campaign creation, and management across various industries. Throughout his career, Mr. Raziuddin has demonstrated a strong commitment to maintaining and enhancing brand identities, using data-driven strategies, embracing digital marketing, and staying updated on industry trends. His outstanding achievements include the successful execution of the 25-year completion campaign for LankaBangla Finance PLC, which cemented the company’s reputation as a people-oriented financial organization. With a passion for lifelong learning and a dedication to community involvement, Mr. Raziuddin is not only an industry leader but also an inspirational figure who believes in the power of simplicity, empathy, and continuous self-improvement.

Let’s learn about his journey.

The InCAP: Mr. Md. Raziuddin, please share your exemplary career procession with our readers!

Mr. Md. Raziuddin: I’m happy to share my professional procession with you. I believe that life is all about learning, sharing and exploring along it is continuous journey. In this journey, the opportunities I have had to learn and develop during my career in brand marketing and communications have been invaluable. My professional experience began as management trainee at GREY Dhaka, where I gained exposure to numerous industries through work on FMCG, telecom, and tech companies. I picked up in and out of advertising rapidly and became well-versed in every facet of campaign creation and management. I worked on various campaigns throughout my stay at GREY Dhaka that increased both brand understanding and new clientele. In addition, I had a significant experience on various repositioning and rebranding initiatives. After working with GREY Dhaka for a while, I accepted a position at LankaBangla Finance in Corporate Affairs department.  And fortunately, I got the opportunity for the inception of Brand Marketing and Communication Division.  In this position, I have been looking after the planning and implementation of the company’s marketing and public relations strategies.  As of today, I am serving as Assistant Vice President and Head of Brand Marketing and Communications. I am also responsible for the growth and success of my team members and play the role of a mentor and coach to them. I appreciate to all the doors that have opened for my professional growth, and I look forward to what the future may bring. I am positive that more than 16 years of my experience in brand marketing and communications will give extra mileage to contribute to the company in future.

In your experience what are the key points for developing and maintaining a strong brand identity in this cluttered marketplace?

The key points for brands continuity are consistently delivering brands promise, responding to customer feedback, staying relevant, monitoring competitors, using content marketing, engaging in corporate social responsibility, fostering employee brand advocacy, and regularly testing and measuring all these elements are essential to building and maintaining a strong brand identity in a competitive market. All together, they make it easier for a brand to cut through the noise and connect with customers. Well, this is not just theoretical, but it helps me to do a comprehensive brand assessment to learn about the brand and its target audience. It helps me to construct a plan aligning with specific tone, voice, and visual identity of the brand. I keep an eye on how the other brands are doing, following the latest marketing strategies, and make sure we’re all on the same page with our brand guidelines to keep it strong.

To me brand is more than just a logo, it is a critical channel for getting brand message out there, building rapport with clients, getting the word out about what we provide, differentiating us from the competition, and encouraging brand loyalty. Recognizing the importance of the brand to the company’s long-term success, so I always to develop a distinct, memorable brand identity that will help brand stand out in the marketplace. By sticking to the four tenets of being clear, consistent, differentiating, and relevant, I am trying to keep brand’s identity strong and constant in the eyes of our consumers. My strategy places an emphasis on continuously evolving in response to extensive market research, guaranteeing that our name will always be in demand.

What strategies have you used to effectively engage and build relationships with the company’s target audience?

To engage effectively with company’s target audience, I have ensured that the company invests a significant amount of its marketing budget in digital marketing as the times have changed. I have majorly focused on understanding my customers by being in their shoes. I tried to feel what they felt, and based on that, I have created the buyer personas to represent my ideal clients. We have focused on high-quality content in multiple social media channels to reach our target audience, create engagement, and build relationships. I am very data driven, so I measure the outcomes and keep track of meeting my company’s goal every now and then. The customers’ feedback and complaints also play a major role in understanding my target audience and their needs to work effectively and efficiently.  I am also planning to incorporate AI and multiple automation tools to streamline processes, analyze data, and provide insights very soon.

Mr. Md. Raziuddin, could you please share an example of a successful brand campaign you’ve led and the impact it had on the organization?

LankaBangla Finance PLC’s 25-year completion campaign was an overwhelming success for me and my team. The campaign’s objective is to establish LankaBangla Finance as people-oriented organization. The campaign portrays the company’s dedication to its customers and the variety of financial services it offers. The campaign was quite effective in accomplishing its objectives. Because of this, more people know about LankaBangla Finance and have a positive impression of the company. The campaign has also been useful in attracting new clients and developing relationships with existing ones. The campaign has a significant positive impact on the marketing KPIs of LankaBangla for the year 2022. The level of engagement, impressions, and clicks received was surreal. I have also managed to obtain a significant number of leads through this campaign with my existing agency.  Apart from this when I was in GREY Dhaka, I was part of several famous campaign such as “Frutika – Ektu Beseei Pure”, “Speed – Hevvy Energy”, “Beautiful Bangladesh”, “Arrong Milk – Dudh khao Agei Jao”, “Diploma – Shader Kache Harbe Sobai” “AKS – 99% Pure”, “Seylon – Cup ses tobu resh Roye Jai” and many more.

In a rapidly changing digital landscape, how do you keep up with emerging trends and technologies in brand and communications?

Learning has no age limits. I have always indulged myself in learning new and upcoming marketing trends. Keeping up with the rapidly shifting digital landscape calls for proactive measures. To do this, I keep up with the latest developments in my field by keeping up with relevant periodicals, blogs, and social media accounts of industry thought leaders. Another important tactic has been going to conferences and seminars where I can hear about cutting-edge developments in my field and network with other professionals. Since learning by doing is the most effective method, I am not reluctant to try out novel resources and environments. Recognizing that flexibility and a hunger for information are essential for staying ahead of the curve, my insatiable curiosity motivates me to seek out possibilities for learning and skill enhancement on a regular basis. I follow multiple blogs and actively participate in numerous networking groups to continuously learn from my peers too. I am also eagerly studying AI, Cyber-Security, Data Analytics to for keeping my self-update. To be successful in my position, I believe it is crucial to be abreast of emerging brand and communications technology. I consider lifelong education a top priority, so I’m always on the lookout for new educational opportunities.

What are your aspirations for LankaBangla Finance PLC for the next coming years?

We also want to be an industry leader in digital finance by using cutting-edge tools to make our services more user-friendly. I believe we can take the lead in this space because to the continuing digital change in the financial industry in Bangladesh. Our mission is to become our clients’ most reliable resource for achieving their financial objectives through our dedication to their success. We see social duty as fundamental to our work. As part of our dedication to upholding the highest standards of integrity and responsibility in all that we do, we have made it a priority to give back to the communities. LankaBangla Finance PLC is different for its people, the breadth of its product offering, and the pervasiveness of its culture of innovation. We expect to continue expanding our services and expanding our impact in the financial services industry and the communities we serve over the future years.

In a competitive financial industry, how do you differentiate LankaBangla Finance PLC from its competitors through branding and communication?

To stand out in the crowded banking sector, LankaBangla Finance PLC must define a Unique Value Proposition (UVP) that emphasizes its competitive advantages over others. These advantages could include superior customer service, ground-breaking financial products, or a commitment to ethical business practices. LankaBangla Finance can stand out from the competition by consistently marketing itself as the most customer-centric, technologically advanced, and trustworthy financial institution using a distinct brand identity, engaging content marketing, customer testimonials, community involvement, a robust online presence, educational campaigns, and a dedication to transparency.

What process do you follow while you are preparing any campaign?  

What makes one brand different from another brand? Who are the core and secondary target audience? What are their needs and wants?  Once I have a firm grasp on these issues, crafting communication and branding messaging that strike a chord with my target audience becomes a breeze. Besides, I think stories are a great way to strike an emotional chord with your audience. I do my best to classify products and services under this category, which requires relevant and human-centric real expertise to be believed by audiences. Now that we live in a digital age, social networking is a fantastic tool for reaching out to potential customers and establishing lasting relationships with existing ones. I would promote material, interact with readers, and host contests and prizes via social media. The result would be a rise in both brand recognition and devotion. To further consolidate its distinct place in the industry, develop client loyalty, and increase market presence over time, the company should make an emphasis on providing exceptional customer service, forging strategic relationships, and personalizing solutions to meet the specific demands of each customer while maintaining competitive pricing.

Mr. Md. Raziuddin, you are an idol to the youth. Many people follow you as an icon of leadership. Say something to them.

It warms my heart to know that you look up to me as an inspiration but let us never forget that we may take something from everyone. I always follow some basic principles of life such as think simple, act good for the people, keep learning, keep exploring and keep in mind that every action has an opposite reaction in everyone’s life. And to develop as a person and to achieve success, it is crucial to dream large, to pursue towards achieving goals, and to stick with them no matter how difficult the going becomes. Being grateful for what one has and demonstrating empathy for those less fortunate are traits that not only help one develop personally but also make the world a better place.

Quick Chat With Md. Raziuddin

The most outstanding achievement of your life as of now:
Being alive.

The greatest philosopher in your view:
Socrates, because he is dedicated to truth, learning by asking questions and exploring, help others learn and grow, humble and to be open to new ideas.

Name the most thought-provoking books you have read:
The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.

Best piece of advice you’ve received:
Wait, time will come, you just need to be patient.

You in only three words:
Ups, Down and Move.

The InCAP: Thank you, Mr. Md. Raziuddin! It’s a glittering conversation with you!

Mr. Md. Raziuddin: My pleasure! Wish you all the best! Thank you.

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