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The Mastermind: Sushanta Kumer Bhomick

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Sushanta Kumer Bhomick
Managing Director
Kopotakkho Homes Limited

Mr. Sushanta Kumer Bhomick, Managing Director at Kopotakkho Homes Limited. Kopotakkho Homes Limited is a pioneering Multi-Disciplinary Real Estate Developer Company in Bangladesh. It started its journey in 2017 as a well-organized Construction company based on the strong foundation and experience of the greater Kopotakkho brand family. 

However, Mr. Bhomick was a teacher in his professional life. The gold business was their family business, but his interest was in the housing industry, which contributed as an essential sector to Bangladesh’s economy. In a conversation, Mr. Sushanta Kumer Bhomick elaborates on the current state of Bangladesh’s real estate industry and how Kopotakkho Homes Limited is evolving to keep up with the industry’s shifting dynamics.

So, let’s learn about his entire journey. 

The InCAP: Kopotakkho Homes Limited. has been one of the trusted names in Bangladesh’s real-estate sector. What have been the company’s biggest strengths?

Sushanta Kumer Bhomick: Kopotakkho Homes Limited is one of the trusted names in the real estate sector of Bangladesh. Kopotakkho’s journey began on November 27, 2005, in an office in Gulshan. Our first project was the Kopotakkho Chayapath located in Mohammadpur. We build strong and quality buildings. We have a strong and innovative culture and maintain aesthetic design through our creation. Besides, our strengths are unique products, excellent efficiency, and productivity. 

Kopotakkho is a customer-centric organization. Our services create raving fan customers. We can scale sustainably and have high adaptability. We continuously work on the diversification of products and services. Kopotakkho Homes Limited’s journey of 17 years has been glorious, and through this journey, we have fulfilled the dreams of a lot of people by constructing apartments and commercial projects in Bangladesh. We have successfully handed over 80 projects. This shows our dedication and sincerity to the real estate industry.

We look forward to creating more so that the Kopotakkho continues to create history in the Bangladesh real estate sector.

The housing sector of Bangladesh has expanded tremendously in the past few years, in which Kopotakkho Homes Limited has also played a role. What is the current state of the sector?

Housing is a basic need of people. The role of the housing industry in the national economy of the country is undisputed. The housing industry has contributed around eight and a half percent of the entire GDP in the last two decades. The entrepreneurs of this industry and the current housing-friendly government are also making relentless efforts to develop a sustainable housing sector. The sector thrives on self-entrepreneurship by developers and realtors. I believe if the government and other authorities can take more care of this sector, then it will be the best potential sector of the country.

A detailed regional plan (DAP) has been formulated to make the capital Dhaka a livable planned model city. What is your response to this?

Under the initiative of the Capital Development Authority (RAJUK), a detailed regional plan (DAP) has been formulated on the model of the developed world to make Dhaka a planned, livable model city. In this master plan, 1528 square kilometers of Dhaka, Narayanganj, and Gazipur have been covered by thinking about the living of 26 million people till the year 2035. A modern, efficient, people-friendly, attractive, and livable planned city will be built for them. Each ward will have schools, colleges, community clinics, playgrounds, and open spaces. 

Necessary agricultural land, water bodies, and forest areas will be retained. To reduce traffic congestion, there will be a ring road around the city as well as a road, sea, and rail communication system. I think that if the DAP is implemented by incorporating some views of the housing industry entrepreneurs, the DAP will result in a modern, effective, people-friendly, attractive, and livable planned model city of Dhaka.

What kind of challenges are currently faced in implementing the project?

Currently, there are many challenges in the housing sector. Now our main challenge is the high cost of construction materials.

Also, the construction area will be reduced by 30-35 percent due to the Detailed Area Plan (DAP), when developers jointly construct buildings with landowners. This will eventually affect the prices of apartments. On the other hand, apartment prices will increase by around 30 percent. So, DAP needs to be amended.

What are your greatest strengths, and what kind of plans are you working on in the future?

Our biggest strength is that we provide timely project handover with registration. In this case, we maintain commitment and product quality. We have the plan to build about 5000 flats in the next ten years keeping in mind the lower and middle class in this city. And there are plans to build affordable apartments of 400 to 600 square feet outside Dhaka, especially in the City Corporation area.

The InCAP: Thank you. Your words are very informative. 

Sushanta Kumer Bhomick: You’re welcome. All the best!


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