Home Press Release Unilever Bangladesh Limited Receives FICCI’s DEI Champion Award

Unilever Bangladesh Limited Receives FICCI’s DEI Champion Award

Unilever Bangladesh Limited Receives FICCI’s DEI Champion Award

Unilever Bangladesh Limited’s recognition as the ‘Champion-STAR DEI Team of the Year’ by the Foreign Investors’ Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) is a testament to its outstanding commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). This award reflects the company’s significant strides in fostering an inclusive workforce and promoting diversity across all levels of its operations.

The company’s dedication to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace is evident in its efforts to proactively map talent, particularly encouraging women’s participation in roles traditionally dominated by men. Unilever Bangladesh’s emphasis on challenging stereotypes, such as appointing women to lead in typically male-dominated roles, showcases its commitment to breaking barriers and fostering an inclusive culture.

Moreover, the company’s investment in infrastructure, progressive policies like paternity leave, interchangeable holidays, and comprehensive employee mental well-being assistance programs, underscores its holistic approach toward ensuring the well-being and equal opportunities for its workforce.

Unilever Bangladesh’s commitment extends beyond its internal operations, aiming to empower women along the value chain by investing in specialized projects that enhance female capability and employment across Bangladesh.

The accolade also acknowledges the company’s achievements in women’s representation at leadership levels, demonstrating its proactive approach to strengthening female participation in the workforce, including initiatives for global expertise and expanded responsibilities for women.

Furthermore, Unilever Bangladesh’s focus on building an equitable and inclusive culture, with goals to increase the representation of diverse groups and people with disabilities, highlights its comprehensive approach to DEI.

Syeda Durdana Kabir, UBL HR Director, emphasized the company’s journey in promoting DEI, showcasing the significant increase in women’s representation in managerial roles and the equal representation of men and women in the highest leadership levels.


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