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Volodymyr Zelensky Asked For Final Talk

Volodymyr Zelensky Asked For Final Talk

Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, renewed his call for dialogue with Moscow, while Russia admitted using powerful hypersonic missiles for the first time in the conflict. Since Russian President Vladimir Putin launched the assault on Kyiv on February 24, 2022, Russian soldiers have suffered tremendous losses, and their advance has essentially stalled, with lengthy columns of troops halting in the city’s suburbs. Hence, Volodymyr Zelensky Asked For Final Talk.

They have, however, besieged cities, destroying entire cities and, in recent days, intensified missile assaults on targets in western Ukraine, far from the main battlegrounds in the north and east. Russia said its hypersonic missiles destroyed a major underground missile and aircraft ammo stockpile in the western Ivano-Frankivsk area. According to Interfax, it was the first time Russia employed hypersonic missiles in Ukraine. Hypersonic weapons can travel at speeds up to five times the speed of sound.

Moscow also claimed that its troops had breached Ukrainian defenses to gain access to Mariupol, a crucial southern port city, and destroyed radio and intelligence facilities close outside of Odesa, a city in Ukraine. Although Russia had essentially controlled the shoreline for weeks since encircling Mariupol, Ukrainian authorities announced they have “temporarily” lost access to the Sea of Azov.

Over 3.3 million people have already crossed Ukraine’s western border, with another 2 million displaced within the nation. Unprecedented Western sanctions aimed at damaging Russia’s economy and depleting its military machine have failed to deter what Putin refers to as a “special operation” to disarm and purge its neighbor of “Nazis.” Kyiv and its allies have denounced this as a spurious excuse for war.

On March 19, 2022, authorities in Ukraine claimed that there had been no substantial changes in front-line locations in the last 24 hours. Although both sides accused each other of dragging things out, Kyiv and Moscow made progress in negotiations this week toward a political formula that would guarantee Ukraine’s security while keeping it outside of NATO.

Mr. Zelensky posted to Facebook, “This is the time to meet, to talk, time for renewing territorial integrity and fairness for Ukraine; otherwise, Russia’s losses will be such that several generations will not recover.” On March 18, 2022, Russia’s ally China warned US President Joe Biden that the war is “in no one’s interest” but showed no evidence of bowing to US pressure to join the Western criticism of Russia.

Biden cautioned his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping that any financial or military aid to Russia would have “consequences,” a move that could escalate the stalemate into a global conflict. But, only a day after US Vice President Joe Biden warned China against providing material backing to Russia’s invasion, Lavrov predicted the two countries’ ties would only strengthen.

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