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Walton Manufacturing WebOS TV  For The First Time in Bangladesh

Walton Manufacturing WebOS TV  For The First Time in Bangladesh
Photo Courtesy: Walton Bangladesh

Walton Bangladesh has become the licensed OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) of WebOS TVs. It is the first and only Bangladeshi company to be recognized as the ‘Leading OEM Factory’ by South Korea-based LG Electronics’ (LGE) WebS TV’s Platform Business Unit. Through this, the domestic television production sector will start a new era in the webOS TV platform. The article contains Walton Manufacturing WebOS TV  For The First Time in Bangladesh.

WebOS is a customer-friendly multitasking operating system developed by LGE. LGE has partnered with many top brands in different countries to use the WebOS platform on their TVs. In addition, they recently announced Walton as one of their leading ODM factories for both domestic and international markets. As a result, Walton will be able to meet the demand of any OEM or ODM partner of WebOS TV. 

LG Electronics Inc. and Walton Hi-Tech Industries PLC recently signed an agreement. The business meeting between LG and Walton executives held in Las Vegas, USA, was attended by Sang Jun Zion of LG Electronics Inc., Emdadul Haque Sarkar, Deputy Managing Director of Walton Hi-Tech Industries plc, and Edward Ever, President of Walton, Global Business Division. It recognized Walton Hi-Tech Industries as the first and only Bangladeshi licensed manufacturer for WebOS TV.

Walton WebOS TV is known to be powered by an operating system compatible with Four-K Ultra HD, Full HD, and HD resolutions. This TV has an integrated AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithm and voice assistance feature for easy control. And voice commands help users manage smart devices without hassle. With the LG ThinkQ app, you can enjoy the entertainment of your choice with the help of Magic Remote or the smartphone’s voice.

Mostafa Nahid Hossain, CBO Engineer, Walton TV, said, “Walton pays special attention to providing a new smart TV experience to the customers through the latest technology and up-to-date features.” That’s why Walton has gained recognition as the first Bangladeshi licensed manufacturer of WebOS TV. Like Google Certified Android Smart TV, Walton will now manufacture and market WebOS TVs in the country. He hopes that this new initiative to create webOS TVs will increase the country’s demand for Walton smart TVs.

Walton Hi-Tech Industries, headquartered in Gazipur, has an international standard TV manufacturing plant with the country’s most considerable television research and innovation center. Basic LED and Google Certified Android Smart TVs of various sizes ranging from 32-inch to 55-inch are being manufactured using the latest technology equipment.

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