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Wayfarer, Descend On The Way

When I was a teenager and promoted class 8 to 9, I had to decide which group I would choose. My father Honorable Prof. A.K.M. Mahatabuzzaman was one of the most famous Professors of Physics. As a term of the legacy cue, I wanted to start my journey as a science student. But the hitch was I always wanted to be a Business Analyst, even at that age when I almost knew nothing about the acts and deeds of a Business Analyst. At now I can understand that the root fascination of my desire is actually influenced by and from the tendency to become a Businessman.

I’m really grateful to some individuals and organizations who give me the opportunity to get closer to my dream to be a Business Analyst and an Entrepreneur as well. They are constantly teaching me and my attention is also not shallow.

Now I’ve grown up at some age to understand the core responsibilities and duties of a Professional. I want to share some affairs that I learned from my little but not trivial career journey.

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What Should We Choose As A Career?

I do believe it’s really unnecessary to be desperate to choose a career. It’s also a waste of your time and patience. Sometimes it makes you frustrated. There is a talk in common in our society which is “Do what you want to do”. In my life, I have seen many of my friends and acquaintances are very frustrated to find the answer to ‘What are they really wanted to do and want to be’.

It’s my suggestion that doesn’t think over and over if you really want to do something.  Just start your work, primarily in anywhere, and throw out the thought of your designation. When you start your journey, the path itself shows the way. Experts said a person can understand the penchant within the very first year of the job.

Okay, now jumping up your current job and engrossed perfectly. But don’t forget to keep deep attention to your own interest.

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Don’t Stuck, Don’t Afraid To Receive The Change.

In corporate life, there will be some good career opportunities gyrate around you. Find out the best opportunity which is related to your interest. Consult with your mentor. Don’t afraid to change your career structure.

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When Should I Start My Own Business?

If you have enough courage to be an Entrepreneur and take the decision from your heart, then I suggest please take your decision to your brain. Don’t dare to receive and apply your mind decision at every concern.

Before starting the business you need to know that trade operation properly. It’s very good to have a 3 to 5-year job experience in that field. Discuss with your mentor and don’t be hurry, slow but steady.

Believe one thing; Everything in nature is easy but not cheap. So stay cling with commitment.

Stay Happy.

 About The Author

Mirza Rakib Hasan

Mirza Rakib Hasan

Business Analyst

International Corporate Association of Professionals (InCAP)

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