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What Do You Need, Intelligence or Money?

In this long competitive race of life, what is more important to run a business? Is it knowledge or just the cash? Well, this question is sort of like the chicken and egg argument. What came first? Chicken or egg? This has always been a confusing topic and quite a few times led to heated debates. Just like this one, the topic we are discussing led to different arguments. Because different people have different opinions regarding this subject. Even successful businessman have their own secrets of success, but in the end, all of the arguments lead to a point where the brain talks, not the money.

Firstly, to run a successful business, you have to fix your goal and remain adamant about fulfilling your dream. Success will only come when you have set idea and determination. Losing hope is never an option. However, without a clear goal or with shaky thoughts, an amateur businessperson will only end up throwing money here and there. A business is nothing but training your brain to make money. Your brain must put more effort than the finance in business because only a man with precise planning and backups will be able to nail it.

Besides, opening a business does not mean that you have to start with loads of money. Start your journey by taking small footsteps that means a company can be started with a little amount of cash in hand. Also, if this amount is used wisely, then there will be more profit than loss.

Though it is challenging to run a business on your own because it consists of many fields in a particular project, and a single person cannot always master all those fields at once. So a business with a full proof plan and a bright future still need teamwork. A group of talented and worthy people can get a business to the peak.  All the employees should be respected and encouraged to achieve big things in the future.

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Most of the time, businesspeople get bankrupt due to their fault, and that is because they fail to use their brain. When people become successful, it is the money that talks and not their brains which leads to the wreck they face in future. So another quality of a perfect businessman is that they should be grateful with whatever success they achieve instead of boasting on the profit. They should use their knowledge to find new ways to run their company swiftly.

Well, it should always be kept in mind that a business has an impact on the environment. If your business is harmless and accepted by society, then it can lead to great things. Society can teach you the lessons of life. Your past struggle makes you stronger and prepares you for the future. Only if you learn from your past mistake and use it to fight against all the odds, all of this may seem out of topic, but these are the things that should always play in your brain. These words should be rehearsed in your brain so that you never miss the point while thinking about the possible impacts. Use your knowledge more than bragging about the money. Also, set your little steps on a new journey.

This has always been a big topic for heated arguments. People seem to disagree with each other’s opinion because they see life from a different perspective. Maybe their way of struggle and the ability to endure pain is different. But the value of knowledge is always higher than money because, without knowledge, money can never be earned. However, it is hard to change everyone’s opinion. But everyone’s opinion should be respected as a good listener, and an observer is always one step ahead.

Suraiya Hossain

Contributor, The InCAP

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