Home Press Release Amaya Food Gallery Debuts New Express Lunch Menu With a Twist

Amaya Food Gallery Debuts New Express Lunch Menu With a Twist

Amaya Food Gallery Debuts New Express Lunch Menu With a Twist

Located on level 13, Amaya Food Gallery has launched a new lunch menu featuring a special four-course set menu for lunch. The price of the Quick Business Lunch is BDT 1250 NET, which will include all the vat and service charges. The restaurant is traditionally known for its handcrafted Asian signatures, but this new menu will make a lasting impression on guests. The new set menu ranges from Asian items and a four-course menu to mouth-watering entrees in which fresh and all-natural ingredients take center stage. The article is about Amaya Food Gallery Debuts New Express Lunch Menu With a Twist.

The new menu boasts a variety of Asian food to sample, share, or have all to yourself and has changed with the season to ensure that the restaurant has the freshest food to enjoy. Kung Pao Chicken is one of the many items on the menu. It is for those who enjoy eating BBQ chicken. Chicken lovers can also order a half-spit-roasted chicken with pita bread. Paneer makhani with naan bread and steamed fish with lime chili and ginger are also options. All of these are the main courses on the lunch menu.

Beetroot carpaccio, som tum salad, red cabbage, pineapple slaw, and wakame salad are all delicious salad options. The most frequently served starter at mealtimes is soup. The corn egg drop, tomato shorba, yammy tom yum gai, and cream of mushroom soup are all served at Amaya Food Gallery. If you’re looking for the true flavors of Asian cuisine, you must try it. The desserts are one of the other additions to the lunch set menu. Fruit salad, Patishapta Pitha, ice cream, and chocolate brownies.

Amaya Food Gallery has won the World Luxury Restaurant 2021 awards in the culinary segment and has created a noteworthy name for itself. Head Chef Monir has always been part of the team’s journey towards achieving this formidable culinary feat. In the words of the restaurant's Christopher Baker, GM of Amari Dhaka, & a place to dine when you want upscale food without the pressure of dining to match. 

Chef Monir does a phenomenal job creating unique dishes utilizing fresh local ingredients. Chef Monir says, & I love having the opportunity to make the quick lunch for our diners a chance to taste the passion put into our dishes, especially on a day of such love and togetherness. He further adds to his comment by saying, Our goal at Amaya Food Gallery is to allow diners to experience the many flavors offered on our menu and keep the price affordable.

Reservations must be made at the restaurant, emphasizing a casual and upscale dining experience. The restaurant can accommodate up to 130 people indoors and 20 people outdoors. 

For any queries, please call 01777796444, 01777796445.


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