Home Press Release ANYVAS Brought A Great News For Entrepreneurs

ANYVAS Brought A Great News For Entrepreneurs

ANYVAS Brought A Great News For Entrepreneurs

ANYVAS, the First Entrepreneur-based Marketplace in the world, shows a ray of hope for entrepreneurs where small to large entrepreneurs showcase their business products online. It is a platform from which an entrepreneur can deliver his products and services to the consumers without any hindrance. Therefore, they have established connections between entrepreneurs and the marketplace. It is encouraging small and large-scale businesses in the country to become self-sufficient by providing high-quality products and services with accurate prices and a variety of selling strategies.

Co-founder and CEO of ANYVAS Mirza Rakib Hasan Shovon said, “It’s time to revise your business model and reduce your dependency on social media like Facebook, and think, once Facebook’s server or service is down, does that mean your business is also down!” He further said, “I’m not supporting only Facebook-centric business, so I’m requesting my beloved entrepreneurs to ensure their establishment in the mainstream business as early as possible.”

Although ANYVAS started its activities officially on October 3, 2021, its basic working strategy has been running since 2016.

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