ANYVAS Has Successfully Launched


The international clothing brand ANYVAS has successfully launched on June 16, 2020. Mirza Rakib Hasan, as the spokesperson of the brand, said, “We have been working on ANYVAS for the last three (3) years, but the dream was much earlier. We believe that ANYVAS will continue to serve its customers with the best quality products in the world market.”

The brand has already launched its products in Bangladesh. One of the Brand Promoters said, “We can hear people’s buzz; it’s really enormous for ANYVAS. We are very excited to have a wide range of customers, which has greatly increased our interest in the work. The customer volume is much higher than we thought.”

ANYVAS authority told The InCAP correspondent that ANYVAS brand products will be available in at least six (6) countries in the world from this December 2020.

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