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Anyvas Has Successfully Launched

Anyvas Logo - Symbol of global clothing brand
Anyvas Logo

Anyvas, the global clothing brand, marked a significant milestone with its successful launch on June 16, 2020. The brand’s Founder and CEO, Mirza Rakib Hasan Shovon, expressed his enthusiasm for this achievement, stating, “We have dedicated three years of hard work to bring Anyvas to life, but the dream was nurtured long before. We firmly believe that Anyvas will consistently deliver top-quality products to customers across the global market.”

The brand has already made its debut in the fashion scene in Bangladesh, receiving an overwhelming response from customers. A Brand Promoter enthused, “The buzz surrounding Anyvas is nothing short of phenomenal. We are thrilled to witness such a diverse and extensive customer base, exceeding our initial expectations. The sheer volume of customer interest has further fueled our passion for our work.”

In an exclusive interview with The InCAP correspondent, Anyvas’s management revealed their ambitious expansion plans. By December 2020, Anyvas intends to make its products available in no less than six countries worldwide, aiming to spread its unique fashion and quality to even more corners of the globe.

For more information and updates on Anyvas, please explore: anyvas.com

About Anyvas
Anyvas is a global clothing brand dedicated to providing the finest quality apparel to fashion-conscious individuals. The brand slogan is Let’s Celebrate Life! Founded in 2017 by Mirza Rakib Hasan Shovon, Anyvas has quickly garnered attention for its commitment to style, quality, and customer satisfaction. With a growing presence in multiple countries, Anyvas is poised to become a global fashion leader.

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