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Bangladeshi Mohammad Aminul Islam Honored with Canada’s Medal of Good Citizenship

In a ceremony honoring outstanding community leaders, the Canadian province of British Columbia has bestowed the Medal of Good Citizenship upon Mohammad Aminul Islam, a Surrey resident of Bangladeshi descent. Mr. Aminul Islam’s remarkable commitment to preserving mother languages and fostering community spirit has earned him this prestigious recognition among 21 distinguished recipients.

Aminul Islam, a distinguished leader and president of the Mother Language Lovers of the World Society in British Columbia, has played a pivotal role in advocating for linguistic diversity and cultural preservation. His pioneering initiative, the “B.C Model,” has successfully integrated mother languages into the Surrey School District, impacting approximately 70,000 students and aligning with UNESCO’s 2030 Education framework.

As a testament to his dedication, Aminul Islam introduced “Lingua Aqua,” Canada’s first Mother Language Monument, in 2009. This symbolic pavilion stands in Surrey, serving as a permanent reminder of the importance of linguistic diversity, including braille and sign languages.

Aminul Islam’s annual “Mother Language Festival” since 2013 has contributed significantly to raising awareness about various mother tongues. Moreover, his instrumental role in the recognition of International Mother Language Day in Canada demonstrates his commitment to celebrating and preserving linguistic heritage.

The Medal of Good Citizenship awarded to Aminul Islam is a reflection of his selfless contributions to the community. This provincial honor recognizes individuals who have made exceptional contributions to their community through dedication and service. Beyond linguistic preservation, Aminul Islam’s initiatives serve as a bridge between cultures, fostering understanding and acceptance.

This recognition underscores the significance of civic engagement and celebrates the impactful contributions of individuals like Aminul Islam in improving the social fabric of the province. His award is a testament to the positive influence that one person can have on the broader community.

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