Home Politics Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Vowed to Take Action For Attacks in Saskatchewan

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Vowed to Take Action For Attacks in Saskatchewan

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Vowed to Take Action For Attacks in Saskatchewan
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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau summoned the stabbing in Saskatchewan as shocking and promised that the federal government will work with the province in the healing process. Hence, the article is about Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Vowed to Take Action For Attacks in Saskatchewan.

Canadian police discovered one of the suspects in a mass stabbing spree dead while the other suspect is his brother, who was still on the run and may be injured. The brothers Damien and Myles Sanderson are suspected of murdering ten people and wounding 18 in a stabbing rampage that destroyed an indigenous community in Saskatchewan on September 4, 2022, in a country unaccustomed to outbreaks of mass violence.

The aggression were among the deadliest in Canada’s modern history. Police informed that some of the victims appeared to have been targeted, while others were random. However, the victims included a mother of two, a 77-year-old widower, and a first responder. In a search involving hundreds of police officers, Damien Sanderson, 31, was found dead in a grassy area on the James Smith Cree Nation, possibly killed by his brother, who had been previously wanted for violent crimes.

Blackmore said that with the death of one Sanderson brother and the injury to the other, the loss count now stood at 11 dead and 19 injured. He added, “We can confirm he has visible injuries. However, these injuries are not believed to be self-inflicted at this point.” Police in the Saskatchewan city of Saskatoon had been searching for Myles Sanderson since May, when he stopped meeting his parole officer after confirming a sentence for assault, robbery, mischief, and uttering threats.

Mr. Trudeau issued the following statement on the attacks in Saskatchewan. He stated, “I am shocked and devastated by the horrific attacks today in James Smith Cree Nation and Weldon, Saskatchewan, that claimed the lives of 10 people and injured many more. As Canadians, we mourn with everyone affected by this tragic violence and with the people of Saskatchewan. We also wish a full and quick recovery to those injured.” He further added, “As this is an unfolding situation, I encourage everyone in the area to listen to the advice of law enforcement to take shelter and follow the proper precautions. If you have any information or tips for the police, please call 9-1-1. The RCMP in Saskatchewan are posting all their latest updates on their website.”

He also said, “I thank the first responders for their hard work apprehending the suspects, protecting people, and treating the injured. The Government of Canada has been in direct communication with the James Smith Cree Nation community leadership, and we are ready to assist in any way we can. Those responsible for today’s abhorrent attacks must be fully brought to justice. To James Smith Cree Nation and the people of Saskatchewan: You are in our thoughts. We are here to support you during this difficult time.”

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