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Liz Truss Announced As Next U.K. Prime Minister

Liz Truss Announced As Next U.K. Prime Minister
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UK’s Conservative Party has declared its new leader is Liz Truss, who has served as Foreign Minister for the past 12 months. She will be officially appointed as the next Prime Minister by Queen Elizabeth, likely on September 6. 2022. So, after long awaits, Liz Truss Announced As Next U.K. Prime Minister.

Ms. Truss said in her victory speech, “I will provide a bold plan to cut taxes and grow our economy,” adding that she will also take on challenges from high energy bills to the National Health Service. The result pursued a nationwide vote by the party’s grassroots members that stayed for several weeks in the summer of 2022. As a result, Ms. Truss will become the country’s fourth leader in a politically turbulent six-year period. 

It marks only the third time in history that a woman will carry power in 10 Downing Street, but the third time in recent years that a transformation of Prime Minister has emerged without a national general election. She said, “We will deliver, we will deliver, and we will deliver. And, we will deliver a great victory for the Conservative Party in 2024 when the next national elections are slated to be held.”

It is to mention that Ms. Truss replaces Boris Johnson, who was laid low by a succession of scandals that crescendoed in the first half of 2022. Then, after losing the support of the majority of his fellow Conservative legislators and many of his own ministers, he was forced to resign.

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